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    Good morning!


    RR:  I ran 6.2 miles last night.  I felt kind of sluggish running, but I felt great when I finished.  Today I'm going to the gym for a swim, at least 1600 yards.  This will be the third time this week at the pool, which I haven't done in a long time, so I'm happy about that.  I was hoping for a long run tomorrow, but its supposed to snow some tonight and be really windy so I'm not sure.


    NRR:  Friday!!!  I don't think DF and I are doing much tonight, probably just hang out and watch some Wire.  Tomorrow we're going out to a birthday party for a friend of DF and the rest of the weekend will be spent relaxing.  I'm excited since last weekend I spent most of it grading.

    FR:  Nothing too exciting.


    Shouts from yesterday:

    SJP:  Enjoy the snowstorm!  I hope you are able to make it to the gym and don’t have to run around your apartment to keep the streak alive!


    MIA:  Good luck with the job search, I know that can’t be easy.  Any employer would be lucky to have you, the last company just sounds like a really toxic environment.  Do you know what type of work you want to look for?  The wedding is in July, so just over five months away.  We’re going to Bora Bora and Moorea (Tahiti) for our honeymoon.  I cannot wait!


    Jen:  That’s awesome that you go to the gym with your daughter!  Good luck on your 5K tomorrow!


    Snowden:  Is it really beautiful where you live?  Are there mountains nearby?  I’m picturing a brochure for an Alaskan cruise right now.  What kind of dog do you have?


    Foco:  That’s great that you have a running/work buddy so you can run with someone on your lunch break.  How was your anniversary dinner?


      Happy Friday!

      RR: Planning to go for a run around the hood today at some point.  I see blue sky so that's a good sign.

      NRR: Kind of isolated yesterday other than running with my friends.  I cleaned the house, which it desparately needed.  I will take a look at my taxes today, I should get some back since I earned pennies last year.  TLC is coming down here tonight, which will be nice.  He doesn't do that very often since we usually do things up his way.  He has a ride with a group tomorrow in my neck of the woods so that works well.  Have a girls day with younger DD, her roommate and roommates mom tomorrow and then a date with TLC tomorrow night to go see a local gypsy jazz group.

      I have no idea what I want to do now career wise.  Suggestions would be welcomed.  I feel very lost in that regard.  I'm even considering going back to school.

      FR: One of my running buds made me banana bread yesterday (comfort food).  I ate too much - nuff said.


      RTR: Ohhhhh! your wedding and honeymoon sound fantastic!!  What a great place to go.  I just made the final payment on my Danube River Cruise in May - of course it came right when I'm not working anymore.  Oh well.  I'm also debating now whether I have the funds to go on a rim-to-rim girl adventure I've been invited to go on in late Sept.  Decisions.



        Thanks MIA!  I'm excited.  What's the rim to rim that you're talking about?  What about being a substitute teacher until you decide what you want to do.  Its a great temporary job and you don't have to work the weekends!  I'm not sure how it works in all districts, but its very flexible, so if you have a job interview (for something you see yourself doing long term) you wouldn't have to work that day.  I don't know how the hiring process works in Seattle, but it might be something worth looking into.  Also, are you going to Budapest on your Danube cruise?  I studied there for a semester in college and loved it!


          Good afternoon all.


          It is so dreary out here today.  Currently rain here at work (although snow and ice and home) and then turning to snow in time for my commute home!  Lovely.  Yes, I have that much of a weather difference in the 30 miles from here to home.  I literally live on a snow belt.


          Tonight is just a girls night, which rarely happens.  The little dude is going to his donor for the weekend.  DD isn't going(she rarely goes anyway, hence donor) because she was invited to go with a bunch of friends to a Rascal Flatts concert in Columbus, OH for her one friends 16th birthday.  The girls(and she is 1/4 of quadruplets....the only girl at that!) father owns a bus company, so guess how they are getting there? LOL  This is a big one for me to allow her to go this far from home with friends, so I am a little nervous.....OK ALOT nervous. It's a good thing I am good friends with this family or I am not sure I could allow this.

          So because she is going to that concert and they are leaving a little earlier, now she is not running the 5K tomorrow, but my step daughter is.  Yes and another funny tidbit for you guys to know.....DD and SD we all jokingly call the step twins since they are 3 months apart.


          I am starting to get nervous about running tomorrow morning.  I am realllly hoping that they treat the roads in the morning since we are getting snow and ice.  That is my biggest fear running outisde in this kind of weather.  I have had knee surgeries on both for ACL, MCL and what they call chondroscopy to remove all the bad cartlidge....which has essentially left me with not a whole heck of alot that isn't arthritic.  Nice for 42 huh?


          RTR- I hope you enjoy your swim today and great job on your run last night.  Hopefully you can be lazy all weekend with DF.


          Mia- Where are you in Wa.?  I spent a couple of summers on Whidbey Island with my Aunt.  Yeah, my mom thought sending me to my Aunt, who taught me how to party properly and lived just off a Navy base was just the thing to keep me out of trouble! LMAO

          What do you think you would LIKE to do for a living?  What things do you enjoy to do?  How much less pay could you afford to take?

          Goals for 2013:

          Run 10K Race- ACCOMPLISHED!!!!

          Run HM



          2-9 Kittanning Rotary Club 5K 44:38 on ice UGH

          3-9 New Port Richey, Fl Pasco Challenge 10K- 1:22:55

          5-12 Komen Pittsburgh Race for the Cure 5K

          7-6 Ford City Heritage Days 5K

          8-4 Pittsburgh Rock n Roll 1/2 Marathon

          9-29 Richard S.Caliguri City of Pittsburgh Great Race 5K





            RR- Yesterday DBF and I hiked so that was my cross training. Steep up, steep down, wobbly knees at the end, beautiful out. Today... I want to run. Its crappy out. But I'm hoping for 5-6 easy miles and walk the dog before work.


            FR- Did good on my calories yesterday, hoping for the same today.


            NRR- Nothing too interesting going on here.


            RTR- Nice swimming! It is incredibly beautiful where I live. I'm in Sitka. It rains a lot but even after being here 2 years it still always makes me pause when the clouds clear or the sun comes out. I love when I'm running and this happens, just makes me laugh. DBF got Maggie(the dog) when she was 6 months, we started dating about a year later. She's a yellow lab - great Pyrenees mix. Looks more like a lab but a bit fluffier. Totally lovable and really really hairy.


            Mia- I think if you really want to and can make it happen going back to school is great. Even if its only a class here and there to get you introduced into different subjects. It may be where you figure out what you want do next. I don't know if you have time but you could volunteer somewhere too a few hours a week. Volunteering at the fire dept has been an incredible addition to my life. I've met so many people and and am even fantasizing the idea of a possible future career. ...Also without a doubt every time I make banana bread I have it for breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, snack, and snack again.


            Jen- Enjoy your 5k. If the roads are crap just take it slow and easy and think about your foot placement. I feel ya on the keep problems. I've had the ACL and meniscus surgery twice on my right knee. Definitely some things I cannot do anymore and I'm a lot more loosy goosy inside(if that makes since) and don't handle twisting well. But my approach would be to take it slow and easy, enjoy the run.


              Hello, hello!


              My life seems to have sucked me up and not spit me back out!


              RR:  Marathon #4 training is in full swing right now...lots of miles on the TM lately.  I usually try to run after M goes to bed and I'm not willing to risk it in the dark with the ice, etc. in the morning.  I am also doing a 1/2 in mid-March so looking forward to that.


              NRR:  Nothing particularly exciting has been happening there just aren't enough hours in the day - between work, running, and being mommy and wife!  The past couple days I've been in Denver for a conference for reading.  It's been pretty good, however, I'm anxious to get back home to M.  We have a busy weekend ahead!  Tonight, I'm heading out with some friends who've relocated to Denver from my neck of the woods for yoga and pizza.  Can't wait!


              FR:  I'm trying to eat more lean meat and protein.  Not sure it's making a difference on the scale but I definitely feel a lot better.


              Take care!


                Had a nice run this morning with my friend and psychologist.  He always has great words of wisdom for me and has really been there for me in times of need.  TLC and I spent the weekend in AZ with him and his wife, and they are also the ones who recommended me for this past job and feel horrible about that.  Definitely not their fault.

                RR: ran 6 healing miles with friend.

                NRR: bit the bullet and signed up for the R to R adventure.

                FR: working on less carbs more protein, carbs seem to be so healing though. ; )


                RTR: We are starting in Budapest, then some stops in Austria and finish in Germany.  The Rim To Rim is a girls trip to the Grand Canyon to run  Rim to Rim in a day. Subbing is a good idea.


                Jen: Hi Jen, I am in Auburn Washington which is about 45 minutes from Seattle and 30 minutes from Tacoma.  Funny about your Whidbey Island time.  What do I want to do . . . . hmmm.  Well for one I am going to be 50 this year so I feel like if I go back to school it has to be an occupation type schooling - I think I would love Physical Therapy Assistant type job, possibly ultrasound tech, something like that.  I earned very little last year and survived so whatever I do would probably be an increase after the schooling.


                Snowden: It's weird being a grown up and not knowing what I want to do when i grow up.  It sounds like you are adventurous and like to try new things do it now while you are young!!


                Hi Simon!!!!!!