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    Good morning!


    RR:  I'm planning a run after work today, probably four to six miles.  I also might do something crazy and add some core work.  DF has P90X so I might give the ab dvd a shot.


    NRR:  Nothing too exciting today.  Work, run, then DF and I are hanging out.  We recently started watching the Wire, so maybe we'll watch a few episodes of that.  It's finally getting interesting, the first few episodes were boring, but DF really wanted to watch it.


    FR:  I stayed within my calorie goals on MFP yesterday, so it was a win in terms of getting back into it.


    MIA:  It sounds like a good first day at the office.  First days are always exhausting, but I'm sure you'll get the hang of it really soon!


    Have a great day!

      morning all!


      rtr: if you want to friend me on MFP my name is daisycrazy7 (i think???).  good job on picking up weights.  I do it off and on, I just don't like doing it - but love the results.  and doing it for vanity is totally acceptable!  MY kitty is about 6 months old and she is litter trained which was a definite plus!


      mia: great new years - and I think your goal to coast is great.  very weird on the pup being so attached to X now.  Do you miss them?  My cat is about 6 months old - so house trained already and past the super kitten stage, but still small and trainable.  she is a lover!


      rr: opted for detox yoga last night over walking on mill.  Decided I would only be able to hit the yoga class at gym the next few weeks so I would take advantage.  Felt good to stretch out and all.  tonight is 3ish miles.  might do an extra loop and do 4 since I'm out and bundled up already.


      nrr: I bought  a kitchenaid mixer yesterday! groupon had them form $199, and I've always wanted one but didn't want to shell out the money. It's not a fun color, but its a good size for me.  I'm so excited!  I think I will go to running store today at lunch, i need another pair of tights for the winter, and I need a running lamp for training.  They have these knuckle lights that you hold around your fingers I'm interested in.


      fr: did great yesterday.  I've been way below calories the last few days - but figured since I'm not training yet, and I'm trying to detox from holiday binge it would be okay.  I'll get the calories bumped up soon.  Also drank some weightloss tea that is suppose to help with water retention, I feel like I just ran a marathon - always have to go!


        Good morning!


        RR: I don't want to talk about it.


        NRR: We got back from our trip Tuesday. We had a great time! I didn't run at all (12,000 feet and -5 to -15 is not for me), but we did a lot of skiing, and other physical things, so I only gained a pound. Unfortunately my dad had a cold when we got there and it only got worse. He got back late Tuesday night and took himself to the emergency room where he was admitted for pneumonia. So he's in the hospital for at least 3 days, which means I am not doing anything other than working and being with him. Maybe I'll run next week.


        FR: Again, don't want to talk about it.


        BBL for shouts!


          rtr-nice swimming. my sister is getting married this summer too and we will also be pumping iron for (most likely) strapless dresses. nothing wrong with that! my streak is 1219 as of today, i track mileage in a spreadsheet so it keeps track for me...

          jkr-HI!!!! So great to see you. Glad you are through the rough semester at school and that you are still enjoying it. way to go on the 50k, i imagine you'll be running 100 milers one of these days!

          seattle-running in the sun is the best! especially in winter, have to enjoy it when you have it!

          snowed-glad to hear your foot is better!

          mc-i like the 13 thing, go for 1300! do you have any races planned this year?

          simon-nice, how long is your mom in town?!

          ou-haha we didn't even buy champagne bc we knew we'd never wake up for new years. oh well!

          loves-happy new year. i also don't get my period when not on the pill but they never really tried to figure it out. hope you get some answers soon. must be almost done with school?

          mia-sounds like a successful and busy first day! i'm sure you'll get in the flow of work and it'll become second nature, the first week is always really exhausting. sounds like a great nye with TLC man.


          java-glad you had a great trip but sorry about the sickness...seems to be going around.

          RR: 10 miles this morning despite waking up early and not feeling too great.

          NRR: think i'm getting whatever DBF has--throat is dry and i was coughing this morning. had a headache this morning but took meds and am feeling okay now. we'll see how i feel later in the afternoon. i have more medicine/ib profuen if i need it.

          FR: still eating chicken pesto soup, its delicious. enjoying it while i can taste it, have a feeling this will turn into a head cold....



            RR: Not sure that will happen today.   It is a longish day 8:30 to 6 ish and they are saying black ice on the road now, so I will have to leave a little early. I'll have to figure out how to fit run/workouts into my schedule not that it's changed.

            NRR: Day two, today will be a busier day since all the DRs are in.  Missed going to TLC's last night, we'll have to figure out a new schedule for that as well.  I know I'm going tomorrow since we are going out to Jazz Alley in the evening.  I also get off of work at noon tomorrow. : )

            FR: Need to get healthy all packed today.  I know the DR supplies food for the employees but right now I feel weird going and getting it out of the frig.



            RTR: Does DF work out/run with you ever?

            OU: EX has been with them basically 24/7 since last February since he's been out of work.  Makes sense they'd be attached.  I do miss them but know I couldn't have been or be a good doggie parent right now with my schedule.  They are very needy pups since someone has been home with them since the beginning.

            Java: Sounds like a nice trip except for your dad getting sick.  Poor guy.

            SJP: Sorry you are getting sick.  No fun!  Weekend will be here soon, sounds like taking it easy is on the agenda.



              Morning!  I am also glad it's Thursday!  Next week is going to be rough getting back into the 5 day work week!


              RR - Rest day today.  I think a couple people asked yesterday - I am running the Tacoma City full on May 5.  It will be my fourth marathon, but I haven't run one since 2009.  I have a lot better base this time around which I am happy about!


              NRR - Work, then meeting my uncle and my brother for happy hour at one of my favorite bars (haven't been there in a while, should be fun!) and then to DBF's to snuggle up with some TV or whatnot.  The offer his parents put in on the house in Seattle was accepted yesterday, so now they are just waiting a few weeks to see if the seller's bank will accept it as well (it's on short sale).  They want to meet up with us this weekend so we can see it (we've seen the outside/neighborhood but not inside yet) to see if we like it/would want to live there... should be fun!


              FR - Had maui glazed pork chops w/roasted potatoes and string beans last night, so good!  Thinking bunless burger and sweet potato fries for dinner tonight.  My mom's birthday dinner/brother's back to school dinner is tomorrow at another pub...  I am going to be tired of bar food for a while after that but at least most of the places have healthy (or at least healthy-ish) options!


              Back in a bit for shouts.


                Aw thanks for the warm welcome back everyone! I missed y'all. It's good to be back here again.


                RR: Did a LR this morning since, well, I don't really have anything much else to do. Haha. Oh winter break. I forgot how awesome it is to just be incredibly lazy. The run was ok. My legs are feeling a bit rough since I've been really putting in some high mileage over break. I'm at my parents' so I get to run every morning on my favorite trail in the woods. Love it! I also have unlimited time to sleep, eat, and recover all day long. Taking full advantage of that hah. It snowed 3 times last week and I did have to bang out some miles on the TM at the gym... it actually wasn't as terrible as I thought. Huh.


                NRR: This is the longest period of time I've been on break or at my parents' since winter break last year. I thought I'd be bored/restless and anxious to get back to my apartment and back to my routine. But honestly, I've been really enjoying the past few weeks and taking full advantage of not having a schedule or a to do list. I have gotten lazy and even been sleeping in until 6:30am every morning... haha that's so late for me I'm used to getting up before 5am. It's been exactly what I needed physically and mentally. I feel so rested and so much better. It's like someone recharged my batteries or something. Getting back into the swing of things once the semester starts again might be a little tough, but I think I'll be ready for it by then.


                FR: I've made it my mission to learn to cook during my time off! I've made dinner for my family almost every night using new recipes I've collected from browsing online. I've also tried out several new cookie recipes and made an oreo ice cream cake. It's been so fun and I've realized that, hey, I actually kind of like cooking! Tonight is bacon pasta carbonara. Yum.


                Shoutouts next...


                  Hello all!


                  RR: Going to CorePower yoga at noon today, and it’s been a while. Will run tomorrow, probably on treadmill because streets are icy.


                  FR: Love getting back to my breakfast/lunch routine, especially scrambled eggs in the morning.


                  NRR: Will still be quiet at work this week until everyone really gets back next week. DS and DD still here until Saturday, so we went to see the Hobbit last night (loved it, I didn’t care that it was long), and will have some friends over for dinner tonight.


                  Snow: So glad your foot’s better – for whatever reason! I never can identify what triggers my intermittent back problems, either, so I know how you feel. Agree with you about not calling any foods off limits. Moderation will be my mantra in 2013!


                  Seattle: Hope the house works out – that sounds like a great deal! Marathon training seems to be off to a good start. I should look up the Higdon half plans and pick one.


                  JKR: Hi! I joined this group right before it moved over here. My focus is to run more consistently this year rather than gearing up for races, and then dwindling to nothing in between. So I’m aiming for 25 miles a week average, and have about 4 half-marathons planned. Maybe some 5Ks and 10Ks sprinkled in. I will aim for 2-3 yoga/strength training sessions each week.


                  OU: Love Chloe for the cat name! Let me know how the knuckle lights work out if you get those. I’ve used those on a bike and they’re pretty cool.


                  RTR: I have tried various money-tracking things (I actually like Mint quite a bit) but my own spreadsheet is the most helpful to me. Good work on staying within the calorie goal!


                  Seattle: I am in awe of your 8:20 pace for 16 miles! I really want to hit that pace for one of my halfs this year. Sounds like Day 1 of new job went well. A week from now you’ll be so much more comfortable!


                  Java: Glad the skiing was great! So sorry to hear about your dad’s illness, and hope he recovers really quickly.


                  SJP: I have my races fairly well sketched out, or at least the half-marathons: April is a local, very hill half (1000 elevation, so I’ll just do that for “fun&rdquoWink, May will be a local half down the river canyon—beautiful and lots of work friends will be along, July will be the Missoula Half with Montana friends, and September another river canyon run. Will sprinkle in some 5ks and 10Ks, too. We have those about every week from spring through Thanksgiving.


                    Ou: Oh cool I've heard good things about the Flying Pig marathon! You're smart to give the distance another chance. You might love it this time. I really really want to get back into yoga again, but I'm having some problems with my hamstring and don't want to overstretch it right now. Ugh. I loved a good yoga class! I've totally been taking advantage of the fact that my parents have a super nice KitchenAid mixer here. I don't have any of the stuff I need to actually cook at my apartment haha.


                    Runtravel: Haha nice work on the swimming! I was just thinking the other day that I will need to seriously hit the weight room hard again when (if?) I get married and need to sport a strapless dress. I have a bad case of chicken arms! Yeah, the 50k was a trail race in Virginia Beach, but the trails were pretty beginner-friendly. It was so much fun! The one I'm doing in February is also beginner-friendly, but then the one in June is on some more technical and challenging trails.


                    Loves: I kind of think that period problems are really super complicated, and probably not from any one thing. I'm really hoping that once life settles down I can gain a bit of (much needed) weight back, be under less stress… and hopefully when I want to get pregnant eventually, things will fall into place. Ugh it's frustrating, I know. Are you on BC now? I'm not sure, but I think that having the hormones in your body might be helpful even if you aren't getting your period naturally. At least that was my doctor's way of thinking. Still a bit unsure of that philosophy, but feeling like I'm kind of in limbo right now since I use the BC for actual birth control.


                    Mia: Are you running the full in Arizona? That sounds fun I've always wanted to visit there. Your new job sounds like it's going to be great! I agree, the first day is always rough. I actually have a hard time the entire first week… it helps a lot once you can establish a schedule and kind of learn the ropes. It will also be nice to have a more regular work schedule and not be driving all the time. I'm happy for you! Your NYE sounds so great! I have to ask… what does "TLC" stand for?? What does he do and how long have you two been seeing each other? What do your kids think of him?


                    Part of me absolutely cannot believe that I'm about to start my last "real" semester of classes… but part of me feels like graduation in 1.5 years is so far away! I'm ready to be out in the real world I'm getting tired of the student life haha. My parents are better and more accepting of DBF now. Still not totally happy with my choice of a partner, but oh well. He actually came here for Christmas day which I think was a real turning point. My grandparents still aren't so keen on him, but I've just given up. Can't please everyone and I've realized that I just need to make myself happy. Yeah, I did still run when I was sick! Haha probably not the smartest idea, but I needed it as a stress reliever so I made it a priority.


                    Java: Where did you go for your trip? Glad you had a great time! I'm sorry to hear about your Dad I hope he feels better soon.


                    Sjp: Haha I already have a few 50 milers in mind, although nothing I plan on entering until 2014. I agree with you though… I could see the longer distance races in my future for sure! Haha I think if I told DBF that he might have a heart attack. Also, I'm exactly like you with my period and the BC pill. Don't get it when I'm not on the pill, doctors never figured it out and didn't seem overly concerned about it. I'm hoping it really isn't anything to be concerned about. Sorry you're getting sick! Unfortunately this morning I woke up feeling sick too. Looks like I'm in the same situation as you… DBF and his stupid cold got me sick! Hope you feel better soon.


                    Seattle: I thought you had run a couple marathons before… it will be exciting to get back into it! What made you sign up after a few years off? Sounds like you have a nice evening planned! Are you and DBF planning on moving to the new house with his parents?


                    Have a great day everyone!


                      MC: Cross post! What half marathons do you have planned for the year? I love yoga hope you enjoy your lunch time class! What a good way to break up the day. Are your kids home from college on break too? My sister goes back a few days after I do. She's a senior graduating in May.


                        jkr - so good to "see" you back on here, hooray!!  Life has been a little crazy the past few years but now that I am finally settled into a job I have missed the longer distances and want to get back into it.  I'd love to do a 50K or trail race sometime as well!  DBF's parents are not moving to Seattle, they are buying the second house as a rental property/investment and it's convenient for both of us, they will give us less rent and they would rather have people they know (aka us) live there than people they don't!  Glad you are taking full advantage of your vacation and getting some good miles and good relaxing in.  I have really learned to love cooking over the past year or so, it's awesome!


                        MC - I really liked the Hobbit as well, I didn't realize it was a series of movies so when it ended I was like "what?? already?" and DBF was like "well we have been here for like 3 hours already..."  haha.  Have fun at yoga - I wish I had time to do that!  Maybe someday...


                        Mia - hope your first week at the new job continues to go well!  That is always tough, but every day gets easier especially if it's a good working environment.  Jazz Alley sounds awesome, I've only been there once before but it's so fun!


                        sjp - mmm, chicken pesto soup sounds fantastic!  I am definitely enjoying the sunshine while it's here since I know we can easily go several weeks without seeing at all.  It's tough to sit inside though with the waterfront and gorgeous sunny view out my window.  first world problems I know.  Hope you can ward off DBF's sickness and feel better soon!


                        Java - glad you had a great vacation - I wouldn't want to run in those conditions either, I am a wimp.  Hope your dad feels better soon!!


                        ou - way to go starting the new year off strong diet and exercise-wise!  I am going to have to figure out some way to balance eating healthy and counting calories when my mileage starts going up for marathon training.  Need to eat enough to fuel my running but not use the running as an excuse to pig out... always a fine line!


                        rtr - I stayed under calories on MFP by 6 yesterday...  first time in too long that I have been under haha.  felt great to eat super healthy again though!  My brother loves the Wire (he's in grad school for criminal justice and wants to work for the FBI).  DBF and I watched a few episodes but then he got really into it and watched the rest without me... argh haha.  Enjoy running and core!


                          Morning... Afternoon All!


                          It is going to be a busy year for me. At the end of January I am starting am EMT 1 class. It's through the fire department and its free. I'm currently a volunteer firefighter and i absolutely love it. After the EMT class is a HazMat class and then a fire fighter 1 class. Which will take me to the end of December. Somehow I'm determined to fit all of this with my off the wall work schedule. Then in May I'm (FINALLY) going home to Colorado for my best friends wedding where I'm the maid of honor. To top it off I just registered for a marathon last night! Crazy! I've never even been in a race before and unless another local one comes up that I can fit in, it'll be my first. It's not til Aug 3. So exactly 7 months, so I've got lots of time to focus on that and get ready.


                          RR- Nothing today since I slept in til 11! Apparently I needed some extra sleep. I'll get the dog out for a walk though.


                          FR- Had some ice cream last night, but it wasn't as great as I'd hoped it would be so it'll be fairly easy to resist just sitting in my freezer.


                          NRR- Back to work today. Work has been stressful. A bunch of underlining problems that I'm just waiting for them to explode. Mainly personnel problems that I can't really do anything to fix but I always seem to get stuck in the middle somewhere because its such a small company. 15 full time, 4- soon to be 3 for the maintenance staff that I'm apart of.


                          rtr- Nice job on staying within your calorie limit! Mind if I ask what your limit is?


                          ou- Detox yoga sounds awesome. Is it like hot yoga? I did that once and loved it. I never knew I could sweat from my shins. I've wanted a kitchen air forever! They are awesome. I grew up with the one my mom got when she got married and its still going strong. I'm currently mixing everything by hand.


                          Java- No worries on your RR and FR. Most of us were the same. It's always much harder than I anticipate to keep up with running and eating right when I go home.


                          sjp- I hope you don't get sick. But nice job getting up and running anyways.


                          Mia- Sounds like your new job is a good one! Its always stressful to start a new and all the changes that come along with it. Although it sounds like you'll have over all more free time to work all your "extras" into.


                          Seattle- I bet you'll see a noticeable difference with your upcoming marathon with your better base and being a more experience runner. Hope you like the house!


                          jkr- enjoy your recovery over winter break! Whenever I went home for break that's about all I did was catch up on the last 3 months of sleep. Also bacon pasta carbonara is my favorite!


                          MC- Enjoy your yoga. I almost never do it because of the cost but when I do I love it!