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WW Week of January 28 (Read 7 times)


    Up 1 lb. ugh! but I knew it was a possibility since I lost 3 last week and I was in New Jersey most of the week.  So happy to be home for a full week and able to control my food and workouts.  Trying to focus on short term goals and each 5% versus thinking about how much more I have to go.  I'm doing a good job of keeping my fridge/freezer and pantry stocked with good food but meal planning is still a challenge.  I have breakfast down to a routine, still working on lunch & dinner.

    Houston Marathon 1-13-13

    Rock n Roll St. Pete Half 2-10-13

    Gasparilla 15K 2-23-13

    Armadillo 10K 3-9-13

    Ogden Marathon 5-18-13



    The Goal:  Boston Marathon 4-20-15

      Nice job!  You're still down 2 over the past two weeks even with being out of town.


      I had a great week last week and am down closer to my lowest ever- 5 pounds under goal.  More importantly I am feeling much more in control and making good choices.


        Down 3.2!   I feel like I'll have a few good weeks, then I'll plateau, so I'll take it where I can get it!