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Barefoot Blue Ridge Pkwy Marathon (Read 363 times)

    Finished in 4:17:31. 6000ft of elevation change, half up, half down. Feet feel good, quads are sore. First barefoot marathon in the books (sort of; I accidentally took a minor short cut that made the total distance more like 25.5. Oops.). If the first few runs feel good, I think Grandfather Mtn is going to be next.


    The inaugural event was flawless, btw. I HIGHLY recommend signing up for this challenging event. Barefooters: the course is mostly on rough asphalt with very steep and long hills. Train accordingly.



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      Hey Josh, so that was you, I said hi and gave you a thumbs up early in the race.

      I was impressed with the race too, I downgraded to the HM but it was still a challenging race. I expect things to go wrong in an inaugural but it seemed to go off well. Really tough climbs and descents, some nice scenery and good views, not many spectators but the ones that were there were really into it. Roanoke is a really pretty place and they are determined to make the race a success, capitalizing on the toughness. Nice finish line food (chocolate milk!) and great medal. 

      I highly recommend this race, unless you're trying to PR or BQ!

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        Hey PerfesserR: There were crowds for the in-town part of the full. They were great. The whole shebang was a first-class experience.