Barefoot Runners


got some new VFF KSOs (Read 509 times)


    So, I have been sticking my toe back into the water running wise this year.  As it has warmed last few weeks, been doing most of it barefoot.  run a little, walk a little.  I really like the barefoot feel.  Picked up a thorn or something that I had to dig out of my foot, so I thought I would try some VFFs for protection.  There is a good amount of glass in the areas I run and I figured it is just a matter of time before I do some damage.  Anyway, I did 3 miles last night in the VFFs.  They don't give that nice barefoot feeling, but it does still make me land in the way I want to, (not on my heel).  Also, they allowed me to lift my head up a little and not have to inspect the ground as much.  So far so good.

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      tried on a pair of those just the other day and I'm far, just been building my feet up by barefoot wind sprints on the grass in 1/2 mile increments
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