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New Feelmax prototype being tested by Barefoot Ted (Read 227 times)

    Read Barefoot Ted's Post Want! Seems Ted's initial testing leads him to rank these new shoes over FFs for the shod barefooting experience. I'll be keeping an eye out for when these are released. Hopefully their online shop will make them available for US customers soon as well.
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    Queen of 3rd Place

      Odd - they look more substantial than the FFs - must be because of the kevlar, they can make that very thin sole. It appears they can be ordered online, although not the same model BFTs wearing. Arla

      Ex runner

        Yeah, the new model won't be out for several months and sadly they don't currently ship to the US. But I think enough interest is being generated that hopefully the shipping will be available at some point. I like the look of these because of the potential to at least put on a pair of socks in cold weather. I have Injinji socks to wear with my FFs but they don't fit me well and make the overall fit of the FFs too tight.
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