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Long Branch, NJ Marathon (Read 507 times)

Adam Gentile

    Hi all, didn't know a barefoot forum existed on here!     Anyways I am running my first barefoot marathon on May 1st.    Long Branch, NJ Marathon.

    Anyone run it?  Is it barefoot friendly?   I know it's a new one loop course this, and was just wondering if there are any steel bridges, because I know it's near the ocean, and what not.   Cheers!

    Half Fanatic #846

      I don't know if anyone here has run it, but not knowing if a course is "barefoot friendly" has kept me from taking off the shoes for a race so far.  However, I do have a couple of short races coming up where I can do a practice BF run a week or so before the race to see what the surface conditions are like.


      Good luck on your marathon! 

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      Adam Gentile

        Thanks Havarnr.   I have done many barefoot half marathons without knowing the course,  it kind of makes it exciting not knowing what you may encounter.


          Call the race director on the website or email them-- they can usually give you a breakdown of terrain and whether or not chances are there will be debris or rocks or glass potential etc. 


          If you decide you want to run barefoot plus, checkout wearing an Invisible shoe (huaraches with style)'s being barefoot plus with a 4mm layer of protection but still 0 differential and true barefoot feel: They're inexpensive, lightweight, and you could bring them with you in case you decide the race course isn't best for barefoot barefoot, then you could go barefoot plus! 

          Adam Gentile

            I have a pair of the invisible huaraches, not a fan of them.    Barefoot Ted's Luna Sandals are the way to go.   But I prefer to run barefoot, the Lunas are a great casual shoe, or for running trials