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    Did a mile BF today and had a few issues that came up.


    1.)  I know people have said that you run as far as you can with no blisters, trying to keep increasing the distance, but how uncomfortable do you get before you stop?  Here is what happened.  I was out for the mile - only planning on one mile for time reasons.  At about the 3/4 mile mark the bottoms of my feet started to feel a little tender.  Should I have stopped and walked then.  I sucked it up and finished the run.  My feet feel fine now - no blisters, but they were pretty uncomfortable for that last 1/4 mile.


    2.)  As I was finishing up the run - probably for the last 1/4 mile again, on the ball of my left foot it actually felt like I had something hard attached to part of the foot.  It wasnt sharp, but more like there was a wad of paper or something about the size of a quarter that it felt like I was stepping on with each step.  I checked several times and it almost just feels like that one section of my foot is hardened up.  The skin is soft, but the underpart feels hard.


    Anyone have any advice on either of these issues?






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      It's ok to keep going to the point of being a little tender.  You learn from experience how much is too much.  It's analogous to learning the difference between any other "good pain" and "bad pain" as an athlete. 


      Not sure about question 2. 

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        (1) Perhaps you started to tense up? Personally I stop when things start to get to that point. Perhaps the reason things felt uncomfortable was because you were tensing up due to (2).


        (2) Not sure what part of your foot is feeling hard, or what your foot looks like, however it's possible it's something surround MOOP :

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          I assume you are doing this outside on the street.  Right now, I'm BF on the treadmill, so it's much easier (I'm not yet  converting to outside). In my experience last year BF outside, that sounds pretty normal - it takes awhile to get used to the feeling. You seem to be doing a good job limiting your distances and keeping a close eye on possibly doing too much. 


          I've had the feeling before that some little twig or pebble or mystery trash was stuck to the bottom of my foot, but in reality nothing was there. I've tried to brush non-existant things off my foot before. On the other hand, I don't want to ignore a deep blister either. Just the sole getting used to something different I suppose. I think this is fairly normal. My thoughts when doing any kind of running are if it's uncomfortable OK; if it hurts, slow way down or stop. I always try to err on the side of caution. That way I can run tomorrow.



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