Barefoot Runners


Boston local news segment on the BF running "craze" (Read 399 times)



    Not informative in the least...pretty amusing actually.  Especially when the doctor demonstrates the potential to damage the foot using the skelatel model on its toes, and then misses the point entirely when he says that running heel to toe barefoot could lead to injury.  Well, duh...

      im really tired of people using the "glass and rocks" argument. even when i run in shoes i look where im going and try not to step on foreign objects too much. its like people think that minimalist runners are blind.

        I like how the nice doctor showed that if you land with your foot practically vertical (he had the toes bent all the way up and was pushing straight down with that fake foot) was how you could get fractures in your foot.  I think that if I ran that way, I would break my toes before I broke anything in the middle of my foot.


        I mean, we're runners, not those ballerina's that dance on their toes.