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go barefoot

    I wouldn't focus too much on foot strike.  It's driven by your overall posture.  Good posture leads to good foot strike.  So focus on overall posture.


    That said, if barefoot running shreds your feet, you're probably not safe yet in Vibrams.  




    don't even think about the feet except to relax them when they're in the air. Allow them to land in their own way, and to conform to the ground completely unhindered by your desire to control everything ("you" being the generic variety, not any one person in particular).


    The two simplest techniques that result in a healthy foot landing are the old clichés: increased turnover rate (think, 190+) coupled with a drastically shortened stride. You start there and slowly add more ingredients to the pot and before you know it, your barefoot soup is ready to eat Big grin

    When the sun comes up, you'd better be running