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BF runners over 40? (Read 592 times)

    44 years old here. Started in VVF 8 months ago. I run in them about 60% of the time and the rest in Newtons. It has taken some time, but I'm slowly building mileage. Main issues is calfs aching after 3 to 4 miles. In the beginning my calfs ached after 1/2 mile, so I slowly getting better.
      41 and just getting into barefooting it. I would like to get some vff's but haven't tried them on yet. I was not a runner until a little over a year ago. I started to get some extra pounds of my frame. I have started to train and compete in triathlons and would very much like to be able to barefoot run the triathlons to save a little time in the transition.....and to look cool crossing the finish line barefoot.


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        Took a while to chime in (my replying has slowed down with age ).


        I'm 48.


        Not only a barefooter... but also a sprinter (fewer and fewer of those as the years progress)