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    ...of running barefooted:


    I used to keep a fair supply of bandaids and moleskin handy when I ran in shoes all the time.  But, since barefooting, I haven't used any - on my feet anyway.  And, when I do wear shoes, they are minimal and looser than regular shoes - which I previously would have thought would cause blisters.  Apparently justv the oppositec isc true now.  Sorry, I was typing in thdim light on the laptopn and don't feel like editing anymore!


    On the othwer haqnd, I get what I call "bone bruises" on occasion from barefooting, especially on hills or from faster running.  Really, I haven't had anything to drink today, but from my typing, it looks like I'm provably behind several drinks!

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      Yeah, reading your post, I'm beginning to wonder about you. Smile


      I've settled on Vibrams for all my running, so I don't have the feet you have, but I'm still really glad to be free of blisters and black toenails and knee pain.

      Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject. - S.J.

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        I get what you're saying. I switched over to Luna sandals, worn loosely, and my feet are much happier. Even with VFF I would occasionally need tape or band aids.


          Funnily, I'm the reverse.  Big grin   In HS running in Asics hurt my feet. I only used them for coached practices, and meets. When running on my own, I ran barefoot. Never had problems since, been full-time barefooter since arriving at college.

            I hear you on the bone bruises. Especially on the heel. That can be a difficult one to heal as well.


            The only way I've found to alleviate them during trail runs is to either be very careful, which inevitable goes to crap after 15 miles, or to wear something with just a little bit of heel (4mm or so). That seems to soften things enough that I don't get heel bruises anymore.

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