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    1. Did anyone who started BF experiment on a treadmill do so at home or public gym? There is an excellent park here too I thought of using. It has a 1.2 mile paved loop with an interior worn path free of debris. I'm thinking even in the 30s I could test the barefoot on it if the treadmill is not a good first test. 2. Are Vibrams only to protect the skin from sticks & rocks? I don't want to commit to a pair of Vibrams w/o knowing if I would enjoy bare footing due to high price of soled sock ($70). I know it is only 1 race fee, but dang, I like money! Smile

      I have no tready experience, as far as the cost of vibrams - I would say if You can keep training BF, YOu do not need them. Usually people say - they wanna race on uknown courses so use vibrams just in case, definitely vibrams are just skin protection so not neccessary. I am going into taping the soles trials now.
        I have only run BF on a treadmill in my home. I started five weeks ago. My plan is to wait until the spring before going outside. I will start by walking BF on a dirt/gravel road, and build up to running barefoot. My outside running miles will probably be 100% sneakers until early or mid summer. edit: I originally wrote I started BF running two to three weeks ago, but then I checked my log and found it has been five weeks (time is flying.)

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          I started BF on my treadmill in small increments (1/4 mi a few times, 1/2 mi a few times, etc.) and during that time also walked, then started running a little on dirt and paved surfaces. Got up to 2 mi BF outside and 4 mi BF on my treadmil (I think the gym that I have access to requires athletic footwear or tennis shoes at all times). Then I stopped for a few weeks to rest a previous PF injury - now I'm starting again, but plan to do more BF on the TM during the winter months. As far as Vibrams - I haven't used any, but it seems like maybe Ed4 (?) has hinted they may last 3 or 4 times longer than running shoes - but maybe that was for trail or non-pavement running. Hopefully someone will verify or correct this info.

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            Good stuff - I will give it a try next week during part of a recovery before anyone gets to the gym.

              I've had my Vibrams for about three weeks now and have only used them on the treadmill about twice per week. They are very comfortable. I have not run outdoors yet due to bad weather but it looks like this weekend might be the time. So far - I'm glad I bought them.

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                Good stuff - I will give it a try next week during part of a recovery before anyone gets to the gym.
                r e p o r t : f i r s t a t t e m p t Background: I tried to sneak into the gym at 2:00 PM hoping it would be empty (gym @ work). It was not. It is too cold outside so a vacationer was running on the treadmills. No matter. I walked over, barefoot. I was prepared to tell him my PT recommended it (Ed4, I guess you are now my PT?). The chicanery was unnecessary as I was not asked. Pre-conditions: I am flat footed and my lower right heel & ankle were in an awful state to boot (it hurt to walk last Thursday and Friday after an ill-advised 12 miler following a weekend of ignorance). Tweaks of pain were evident even in mis-steps this Saturday and Sunday as well so I was pessimistic about possible outcomes. The run (1.1 miles): I started around 6 mph and worked up to 8 mph over the course of the first .8 miles. The pain in my right foot gradually decreased as I landed more on the ball of my feet / toe area. The last .3 miles I was able to pick up the pace and finished the last .1 mile with my feet "very hot" at 12 mph. The heat was apparently from something similar to carpet burn (red / pink circles on the ball of feet and toes along with a small gash on the big toe). Result: It felt damn good to be barefoot on the treadmill. I can't adequately describe the freedom while confined in this cage of cubicle walls but I remember it fleetingly. The road rash (belt rash?) was treated with some liquid bandage -- of which I think I will buy more as I adjust. I can't say I'm forever BF but it is definitely a path I would like to explore more after this first try.