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    I've stared to add some bfting to my regular running.  I've been stopping sort of in the middle, running for a bit, and then putting my shoes back on.  Mostly because there is a nice, grassy area just past the halfway mark.  So, what do you guys that are still shoeing and non-shoeing at the same time do with your shoes while you're barefooting?  I run a point to point route most days so I can't just leave my shoes somewhere.  I've been carrying them.  But that's super annoying.
      On my barefoot days, I plan a route where I can loop.  I do a little barefoot run, then go back to my car & shoe up & go out for a longer loop.
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        I do one of two things usually.


        I either take them off for the last mile or so of my run and carry them (as you say htough, this is annoying).


        Or, I'll stop somewhere that I am gonig to pass again and drop them off and run BF.  In my case, my normal lunch route goes out and around a pond and then back, so I dump them on a friend's porch that happens to live next to teh pond. 


        you could always dump the shoes somewhere towards teh end of the run and finish up BF, then drive back and get them later (and hope they are still there I guess).


        Another option would be to run longer.  After you finish your point to point run, then take them off and do a BF run (or before you run).

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          I sometimes run a one mile long circular route from my house.  On one of my first barefoot runs, I took my shoes off and placed them next to my driveway.  When I got back they were gone so I looked around awhile, but figured someone took them.  Then I looked  way  down the street and thought I saw them on a neighbor's porch.  Sure enough they were there - the neighbor's Boxer had taken them home and chewed on 'em some.   Now I just put 'em in the mailbox. 

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            Since I run on a paved trail that has lots of traffic I'm worried to leave them somewhere.  Maybe I'll try to come up with a loop to do before my run or tack something on the end...

            Thanks for the ideas!

            People look at me funny for running barefoot but I get even stranger looks with my shoes on my hands.  I can only imagine what they are saying 


              I've only run in my VFF's so far but one thing I've noticed is that I don't seem to get much benefit by running in the grass.  It's still easy to heelstrike without feeling any real negative consequences, and the soft surface doesn't do much to toughen your feet.  For me I decided to skip the grass and stick to hard surfaces.  I know this doesn't answer your question at all, I just wanted to share my experience so far. 


              I would also have a hard time ditching my beloved shoes.  Have you considered some sort of backpack?

                I have a backpack for my dog.  He carried my shoes for me when I first started out.  He also carries "our" water in the summer. 

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                  I carry mine in my hand sometimes. I get lots of funny looks while I wave and say good morning to everyone I pass. If I end my run near my car I drop them off then head back out for my bf segment of my run.