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    My foot is feeling better and better. Sunday will mark 2 weeks out of the air cast and I have been feeling good - not 100% but maybe 90-95%. I'm wearing regular shoes (not heels). I've been mixing up my workouts between cycling and the elliptical. I think the elliptical helps to re-strengthen the muscles in the foot. I feel fantastic in the running shoes. So my question is, what was it like getting back to running? I see the doctor on Wednesday and I'll get his okay, but frankly, I'm scared. I don't want any sort of setback at this point. What should I watch out for? Thanks everyone! I hope you are all doing well!

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      Hey Ruth,


      Great news...going back is scary.  Every step causes some worry.  Use the Pfitz work-out and stick to it is all I can say.  The schedule starts out with walk-runs which are more walking than running.  It gradually builds up to running.  After first few weeks you may be tempted to skip as you run more but I would recommend sticking it out till end of schedule.  I also learned after Pfitz all the training errors I was doing. 


      Now I try to keep to a schedule with rest days [for cross training] and varying types of runs -even when not training for a race.   I also observe the 10% weekly mileage rule as well  with fall back weeks in mileage.  In addition, I always try  to stretch afterwards since muscles in leg can affect how the foot lands and pushes off and vice versa.  I also retired the shoes/type that I was wearing when SF happenned.   


      Good luck!Big grin


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