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Week 7 in the boot update (Read 97 times)

    Today I celebrated Week 7 of hobbling around in an air-cast.  To celebrate, I took my foot out of the boot and put it into a pair of regular shoes and stood up.  It hurt.  Sad  I would say that if the foot pain was 10/10 7 weeks ago, it is 9/10 now.


    I sure wish I knew what was normal and what wasn't.  I still haven't received confirmation of what it is and I am continuing to doubt that it is "just a stress fracture".  I have an appointment with a doctor 1 week today.


    Am I aggravating it by cycling? 


    I have no other means of exercise other than lifting weights.  I haven't even been going for walks in the cast because it is snowy and cold. Joe - was yours this painful? 

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      Hey Ruth. Sorry to hear about the pain.   In the begining, yes or if I stepped down to hard or wrong [like off a curb or step] - it hurt like hell.  Even walking was a discomfort - but then I was never in air cast or even a boot.  SF was not really diagnosed until about week 5.  So I never had a reference except as time went on the pain decreased. 


      I would think that by 7 weeks you would be in less pain by now as well.  However, mine was 3rd metatarsal and yours is 4th so it could be related to location of SF injury. Or your SF is more advanced then mine.  [You know as a woman how we men are babies/whiners when it comes to pain. Wink]  Also everyone heals differently at different rates so may not be fair comparison. 


      Maybe cycling is agravating based on location of SF and on how much pressure you are putting on foot when pedalling.  Same could apply with weights or weight machines if lifting or pushing off on the foot.  Maybe doing the RICE thing again at night as a routine would help after cycling or gym or even a bad day. 


      But if no improvement, either something is not right, and/or you are unintentionally aggravating injury somehow.  Hang in there. Smile


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