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Peaceful 7 (Read 7 times)


    A nice peaceful 7 miles on a path along a river this morning.  I run this route often and enjoy the quiet and ease of this trail.  This allows me not only good exercise, but time to relax and reflect while running without worrying about cars and what not.  It's a great trail.


    This morning I was reflecting on the demoniacs from Mark, chapter 5.  Society had tried to bind them, and ended up shunning them.  They were without peace and purpose in life.  Society could do nothing more for them.


    Jesus came to them in love.  He talked to them, and allowed them to talk with Him.


    The demons acknowledged Him, and prayed to Him to send them into the swine instead of the abyss.


    The people, even after seeing this miracle, asked Jesus to leave.  They were more worried about there loss of pigs and money than the miracle of our Lord and what His love had brought to them.


    From this I have resolved to speak to more people in passing, no matter their appearance or what society has done with them.  I will give a smile, and try to pass on hope and love to all I meet.  I may not now what storm they just came through, or maybe currently in.  I do know one who can calm the storm, and cast out the demons bringing peace and love, and most of all salvation.