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Yay! I finally got my insulin pump! (Read 199 times)

    After a long wait for insurance approval, I finally got my pump.  I am using a Medtronic minimed 723 Revel.  I feel like a true rookie using this thing but am excited to learn.  My question for you pumpers:  On long runs (5+ miles), do you slow the basal rate?  If yes, how far do you dial your basal rate down?  I was planning on 50% but wondered if I should go even lower to prevent going hypo.  My pump educator is great but she's not a runner.  Any tips for me to consider?



      Jerry (jpnairn)


      I just read your recent email on the previous post.  You said you dial down an hour before a long run.  How long do you keep the lower rate?  Does my 50% make sense to you?


      straw man

        Yes, 50% is a good starting point. I only dial back 30%. Find what works for you. I like to keep eating on long runs, and I don't want to have to bolus. There are lots of ways to skin this cat.

        I set my basal back to normal at the end of the run, and as soon as possible get my recovery meal and bolus for that maybe a little aggressively, to keep from spiking up due to low insulin on board. I know some other diabetic runners who will go back to their full basal rate half an hour to an hour before finishing a long run.

        There are always things you can do as you figure out how your body responds to exercise.

        The main thing is to test frequently to know what's going on. Are you getting the CGM sensors as well as the pump? That will help even more.

        Congratulations on the pump! You'll love it.

        He who has the best time wins. Jerry



          Thanks very much.  This is very helpful.  I do have the CGM, but, will wait a few weeks before I start using it (on the advice of the pump educator).

            Congrats on pumping Kenny!
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