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Sick after a longer run/race (Read 63 times)


    Hi, my name is Sheldon and I am posting on behalf of my wife. She has been running for a little over a year now and has just run her first 12k race. She is a type 1 diabetic and we are still trying to match her insulin needs and her carb intake on long run/race days(10-15km). Here is the scenario. About an hour before a race or a long run, she will start to slowly allow her sugars to start rising slightly, without giving extra insulin. Before her race or long run, she would eat a banana and a gel just 15-20 minutes before. (she is on a pump and she does not change her basal rate for runs or races) She starts the race between 10mmol and 15mmol (180mg-220mg). She is good at feeling her lows coming on and eating gels or bananas, etc as needed, and does well during the run. Sometimes she will walk for a bit to allow her sugar lvls to catch up if they get a bit low, but on average, she does well. The problem comes after the run. She finished both her final long run and her race at about the 6mmol (110mg) lvl, Which is great! We also know that post run, her sugars will start to rise, up to about the 11mmol(200mg) lvl quite quickly before she can get them to stop by taking insulin. This too is ok. 20 minutes after a hard long run, she gets very sick. She feels very nauseous, and barely keeps herself together for about half an hour. Then she slowly starts recovering and is ok. She keeps herself very well hydrated for the days before a long run/race as well as after. She gets so sick that she is starting to dread these distances, and I really dont want her to give up. Has anyone else who runs with diabetes experiences this, and have any tips or ideas? Thanks so much in advance!