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  • 2014 Hibernation to 5k

    Hibernation to 5k Training Group.

  • ACT Running

    Welcome to the ACT Running team!

  • Benjamin Strides

    Benjamin Strides Run Club kicks off in February 2014 for any 3rd, 4th and 5th graders. We will be learning the basics of running, creating goals and working to running a 5k in May 2014.

  • Carolina Crawlers

    Running club for pokies...

  • Circle North does hippy dippy hand holding yo

    A tradition like many others.

  • City of Promise Walking and Running Club

    City of Promise Walking/ Running Club for Youth

  • Coach Thunder's Running Group

    If you're know the deal. This group is for people I am coaching.

  • DeLaSalle Running Group

    Running plans and training help for anyone associated with DeLaSalle High School.

  • Johannah and Alison Take Over the World

    Mentally tough, physically sweaty.

  • Marla Ege Atletizm

    Platform for club members to communicate.

  • mitbbsrunningclub

    Friends only.

  • MRH Running Club

    MRH runners interested in wanting to encourage/share their running/walking experiences and provide a resource for races and events in the area.

  • My Last Run Was

    This is a group of runners who support each other, lend ideas and tips about running, and share our recent most recent runs with each other.

  • Pickens County Y Race Team

    Y Race Team Members supporting one another in the promotion of healthy living through running. This club is open to all ability levels- from first-timers to marathoners. Join us!

  • RunningPal

    Let's run together! Get healthy and happy! We can become running friends here--to help and encourage one another. Hey buddy, run!

  • Running_friends

    Running friends from everywhere, the number in the group name generally mean number of current members in the group.

  • South DeKalb Striders Running Club

    The South DeKalb Striders Running Club members consist of runners of all classes, elite runners, top runners, family runners, slow runners and walkers. Our purpose is to have fun as well as stay fit.

  • Super Six

    Family Running Club

  • The Comeback Kings

    For those of us out there who take running way too seriously.... Anyone can join, whether you're a Usain Bolt, Middle distance wannabe, or a Marathon madman. Use the forum to blog all your latest running updates and share the knowledge on how to improve and tackle injury-related problems.

  • The League of Extraordinary Runners

    The League of Extraordinary Runners Humanity commissioned the Executive Council in October of the year 2006 to recruit patrons to further the presence of athletic prowess in the world today.