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electric cigarettes (Read 107 times)

    im sure most of you have at least seen these things advertised and maybe youve even been exposed to them in public. basically they are a 3 part system that works like this: the first part contains a lithium battery that powers the device, the second part contains a tiny atomizer that heats the substance to produce a vapor, the mouthpiece contains a spongelike filter thats filled with a liquid which contains the nicotine. the verdict is still out on whether or not these things are a safe(r) alternative mainly because they are still a fairly new product. nevertheless i am still trying to get my dad to try them so he wont subject anyone else to his bad habit. i like that they dont contain any carcinogens or tar, and the resulting vapor is seemingly harmless to others. theyre also less expensive, less polluting, and overall i think its less of a hassle to use (no need for lighters, can be used indoors).


    im wondering if anyone has tried them or know someone who has, and what their thoughts are. is this something that a smoker would consider doing permanently, or in addition to tobacco smoke? i want to know what everyones experience with them has been like. thanks!