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3 years-No looking back! (Read 286 times)

    This coming May 19 will mark my 3 year anniversary of quitting smoking! 


    I just wanted to say to everyone that is trying to quit, to keep it up and if you have any problems just remember you are not alone!


    I was in Afghanistan on mission when I realized that I could survive so much adversity that was being thrown at me but I couldn't stop that habit!  It became a personal challenge not only to stop but to QUIT for good!  Having stopped a few times previously, I knew the odds were against me.  I actually got angry, that I could handle everything but not the cigs!


    Anyway, If I can successfully quit while on mission in a war zone, you can do it too!  Just set your mind and when ever you get that urge, do something physical!  Go for a run, do push-ups, jumping jacks anything except light that cig!


    You can do it!  I'm living and breathing proof that you can!!



    Rob M.-A PROUD AMERICAN VETERAN! OlllO-It's a JEEP thing! GOALS 2010: 5K- 5KFVS, 5/22/10: 29:15 10K- Old River Run, 5/8/10: 1:02.24 City of Roses Half Marathon, 9/19/10: Marathon-St. Judes Memphis Marathon, 12/4/10?? Duathlon-??? Triathlon(sprint)-???
      nice work dude! 3 years must feel incredible, im sitting on about three months now and its pretty sexy.

      Ex-Smoker turned Runner!

        Congrats! I passed my 3 year mark on January 14th and it was such a great feeling! no going back I have quit for ever!
        2010 Goals! Get back into running after having my son miles miles miles!

          This coming May 19 will mark my 3 year anniversary of quitting smoking! 




          Congrats on the anniversary, Rob! 


          My quit date is Nov 11, 2001.  I still have dreams about smoking.  Like I can feel the cig in my hand, and I can smell it when I inhale.  And in my dream I am always trying to figure out how I can hide the smell from other people.  Sometimes I even dream that I'm arguing with the store clerk about the outrageous price (over $8 now here in CT!).  When I quit, they were like $3.75 / pack.  Also, I caught myself just the other day, absently thinking I needed to stop an buy a pack on my way to where ever I was going.  And it's been 8 1/2 years now! 


          You are a tough guy for sticking with this.  Not to mention your service in Afghanistan - deepest graditude for that.


          *Jeep wave*