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My creative quit tool. (Read 161 times)


    My solution was freezy pops.  Every time I craved a cig, I cut open a freezy pop.  After about a month I realized I was no longer substituting, but flat out craving that iced sugar water goodness.


    • Cost is not really an issue.
    • I can eat just about as many as cigs as I could smoke cigs (30/day is no issue).
    • It's a oral fix.
    • The sugar gives me a slight buzz.


    I'm over 2 years now smoke free.  I've waned down my freezy-pop use but still keep a box in the freezer.  Though I'd throw this out there in case it could help anybody else.

    tech geek

      Mine was just to plan to quit for 180 days. I had quit for 90 days many times but couldn't seem to make it beyond. So I set 180 days and bought a Batman calendar to make the days. I got a certain satisfaction from marking each day in the Batman calendar. Until somewhere past 180, I just forgot to make it anymore.