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Is there a good predictor run for a 5k? (Read 616 times)

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    yasso 800's are supposedly good predictors for the marathon and Mcmillan has his (her?) calculator. but does anyone know a good predictor run for the 5k? been off and on training and would like to see how I'm doing with 3 weeks to go before my "A" race

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      I heard somewhere that if you go out and run 3 miles all out, this will give you the race equivalent of 3.1 miles. Better still, just wait until you race, and you will know for sure. Good luck. Smile

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        Best predictor workout for 5k is 3x1 mile with 1 minute recovery. Run the reps at the best possible pace that you can sustain through the workout. (In other words, don't blast the first one so much that the other two suffer). The average pace that you can sustain though the intervals should be your current 5k race pace.

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