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Bad Ass

    I finished the LA Marathon half sick.  Very nice one!  The avi is from the marathon.


    Congrats to all!



    "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

    It's always fucking hot in Miami!


      I totally forgot to come back and post, I've had a busy few weeks!

      I ran the NYC Half on March 17, it was such a great race.  It was super cold waiting for the race to begin at 7:30am, and as I was in the last corral, it was nearly 8:00am by the time I crossed the start line.  The temp. was offically 32 degrees, but felt 22, and I was past the 2 mile marker before I got the feeling back in my toes.

      The course was a loop around Central Park, then down through Times Square, west to the River, down the West Side Highway, past the new World Trade Center buildings, and finishing at the South St. Seaport. The race atmosphere was fantastic, so many people cheering and holding signs, and the volunteers were amazing, I don't know how they stood outside for so many hours and kept smiling! My final time was 2:02:42, which I was really happy with, I was aiming for less than 2:20.

      I will be entering the lottery for a place next year, my favorite race so far.

      Upcoming Races:

      AC Marathon: 10/13