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HMT - Feb 11 (Read 528 times)

    Well I’m pretty much done for the month. I’m off for a weekend with the missus in New York as the in laws are over from the UK and are looking after the kids. Cool


    Got my long run in for the week on a Thursday lunchtime. Loving the flexible work schedule right now!

    Feb’s been kind to me. Over 100 miles/month and, this week, over 30 miles/week. First time for either of those numbers in more than 6 months.


    With 4 weeks until the national half, March is not looking so run-friendly. A week in Dallas next week and then the week before the race I’m in Delhi – flying back in to DC about 18 hours before the gun goes off. Gotta try and keep those miles up!


    Simon – happy belated birthday. Some nice runs recently keep it up!

    Vino – get something on the calendar and tell us what it is… we’ll keep you straight! You will get back.

    Mandy – Awesome! You rock! Great result.

    Peter – Nice stuff too. Good progress on your way to your goal race.


    Stay safe all of you who are down under - you are in our thoughts and prayers here.


    Catch you all in March. Happy Trails.

    2017 Goals
    1) Run more than 231 miles
    2) Be ready for  HM in the spring