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    I ran my scheduled 8k easy last night. Well let me tell you, this was one of the easiest, yet fast runs that I have done yet. It's either the cooler weather or, all the training I have been doing, or the fact I studied the video footage from last weekends marathon winners. I ran what I felt was an easy pace, concentrated on good breathing (from the belly), good posture, longer strides with quick turnover. At the end of the run I realized I ran at almost my race pace with little or actually no fatigue. It is so nice to see improvements, both in performance and overall enjoyment. So... although at times I am 'dreading' the upcoming half marathon, I am now once again, really looking forward to it. That's my hump day good news story! Dave

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      It's probably a little "all of the above." But isn't it AWESOME when everything clicks in a single run?! I LOVE that!!! Big grin k

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        I think the cool weather definately makes it easier to train harder. I have been noticing vast improvements in my time also lately. I just got back from running an 8 mile run at an 8:18 pace. By far my best for that distance. Well congrats on your run, and good luck in your upcoming half marathon! Big grin

          I experienced the same thing. The weather was cooler this week, but still not cold. Running in the evenings is fantastic! Tonight I did an easy run and was amazed at my pace. It telt completely different compared to the same run last week. bas

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            I couldn't imagine a hot mid-summer 90 degree weather marathon, such as some of the Olympics have been. OUCH! Shocked