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HMT: 2012 in review! (Read 413 times)

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    2012 in review for me would include....


    Best racing day….

    Portland Trails 10K in September. Been chasing my 10K PR, thinking all the tempo work for half marathons would help get me there…trying to get under 46:00 for a few years. Ran a 46:01 in 2011, and broke through this year with a 45:11 at this race. From my log notes --  Had a plan for the day and did the best I've ever achieved at running the plan. Nailed it by a good amount. The wave of relief that passed through at the mile 5 marker from seeing I just needed to run something like a 8min mile for the last split to hit the PR was something to remember.  Plus this is a really excellent event with a great course on the waterfront, usually has fantastic late fall weather (56F and sunny this year), and a enjoyable after party.  Good day all around.


    Very close second place would be the Blue Nose half marathon in Halifax.


    Goals...set and met…

    1. 2012 miles for the year...met.

    2. 10km per day average for the year (3650km or ~2268 miles)…Nope.

    3. Complete at least 1 half marathon each month…met.

    4. PR in all race distances run (not races)…close. Set PRs for 4 distances raced this year -- 4mi, 10km, 10mi & HM. Missed 5mi PR by 1 second. Also ran my first-ever 5K, so that’s a PR…but I don’t count that, need to run a few more first.


    Money workout…

    Last year (2011) was about running planned, structured interval workouts rather than informal ‘speed ups’. For 2012, I kept the intervals as 1 quality workout most weeks and aimed to add a 10 – 14 mi run each week to have more mid-distance runs in total, wanted 10+ milers to be a higher percent of all my runs. Finished with 52 of these 10+ milers in the log (including races).


    Challenges overcome…

    First, just staying healthy enough to finish my goal of running a half marathon each month – this took more attention than I usually give to the nagging aches and pains and little problems that crop up. Ankle and heel problems made recovery from harder workouts something I had to manage.


    Plenty of logistical challenges in lining up races and alternatives, getting to races, and finding time to fit it all in as life got in the way of plans. Plenty of 3AM starts and early morning drives, race, and then back.


    Most memorable day running…

    With no real 'wow' moment this past year...this was tough to select from all the 'noise'. I think I’ll go with sort of a negative...but very memorable day in a half marathon in August where the temp was in the 90s. I’ve never hated running more or wanted to quit more. I can close my eyes and feel that heat to this day. You know it's bad when you're walking up to strangers in the yard and asking to use their hose.


    Close second…I ran my first-ever 5K in low-key event and coming into the finish area I was in a bit of ‘hole’ and wasn’t going to catch anyone, and didn’t think anyone was right on my tail…but as I turned the last corner a few hundred yards from the finish some guy in the crowd came right the edge of the road stepped out and screamed right at me “Run Dummy! They’re catching you!!!” while he windmilled his arm. It scared the crap out of me, then I couldn’t stop laughing…

    I've done my best to live the right way. I get up every morning and go to work each day. (for now)