Half Marathon Trainers


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Beginner all over again

    I started this thread a year ago

    And I'm please to share I did just recently Finish my first HM



    My log is public, and on about 10 mpw training, very low mileage.

    Run/Walk race day was about  3/1, but I more often Just Walked extra when I plain ole needed the walk breaks.


    2:34 finish time

    11:40 pace avg

    5-mile split 1:01 at 12:16 pace avg


    Very negative splits.  I held to maximum training pace first 4 miles (12:30),

    did the 5th mile at 12:00

    and then just ran the rest of the race a bit faster as I went

    and had to just Hold Steady pace the last 3 miles.


    So I did complete the HM on very low weekly mileage.  Didn't win any awards of course, but did "Finish" as the training plan indicated