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Running Bear

    I have been running pretty inconstantly for the last couple of years and lately I have just been running a more or less standard 5 miles 2 - 4 times a week but without any real focus. A good friend of mine just deployed to Afghanistan for the next year and we made a deal that when he gets back we will run a half marathon here in Austin. I'm hoping the half marathon will give me a little more motivation and give me the chance to start running and training with some real purpose. I'm starting a new program that I just read about in this month's issue of RW which basically consists of one tempo run (3 miles), one hill run (4 miles) and then one long run (TBD) every week. We'll see how it goes but if anyone else has a method that has worked for them I'd like to hear about it.
      Welcome! Smile I'm training for a May half marathon using a training schedule patched together for several sources at the moment. I'm helping to coach a beginners half marathon training group so I'm running their schedule and adding more to it to get the mileage in that I need. I prefer to run 5 days per week myself. Last year I used Hal Higdon's training schedule for my 10 mile race and really liked it. Look for his HM schedules at www.halhigdon.com . A lot of people swear by Jeff Galloway's plans. His website is www.jeffgalloway.com . Teresa
      Running Bear

        I like the idea of running 5 days a week but I think for me 3-4 days is probably more realistic. I'll check out both of the websites you mentioned. Since I essentially have a full year I think I have plenty of time to experiment and find something that really keeps me motivated so I want to look at as much variety as possible. Thanks again!

        madness baby

          I created a plan at runnersworld.com and it sounds similar to the one you are talking about. I really enjoyed it and felt prepared for my half. Good luck to you in your training. Wishing your friend the best!