RA Running for Weight Loss

Not-quite-svelte members of Running Ahead who run for fun, overall fitness, AND with the goal to leave a few pounds in the dust. After all, the fewer pounds we carry, the easier (and faster) we can cross our respective race finish lines!
Weight-Loss Challenge Results:



Spring Challenge - coming soon!


Winter 2013 Challenge


Past Challenges and Pounds Lost

Fall 2013 Challenge 36.9 lbs down!

 Summer 2013 Challenge:  As a group we lost 41.5 lbs!

 Spring 2013 Challenge:  We lost 8lbs! 

 Winter 2012 Challenge:  We are collectively down 65 pounds! Nice job losers! We have 1 more week.

Summer 2012 Challenge: We lost 9 pounds.

SPRING 2012 Challenge:  29 pounds lost 

Winter 2012:  26 pounds lost!! 

Fall Challenge-21 pounds

Summer 2011-41 pounds

Spring 2011-27 pounds

Winter 2011-85 pounds

Fall 2010-3 pounds

Summer 2010-33 pounds

Spring 2010-189 pounds

Winter 2010-184 pounds

Fall 2009-94 pounds

Summer 2009-17 pounds

Spring 2009-56 pounds

Winter 2009-87 pounds

Fall 2009-(We gained 10 pounds)

Summer 2008-99 pounds

Spring 2008

Winter 2008-234 pounds

Fall 2007

Summer 2007

Spring 2007