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How did you end up here? (Read 188 times)


    With all these new members arriving lately, I was just wondering how everyone ended up here.  How did  you find our little (but growing) group?  Did you stumble upon it?  Did you see a link?  Did someone recruit you? 



    Well, I started the group, but got into "Streaking" when I stumbled upon the www.runeveryday.com website and I thought it might be cool to do that and see my name up on their list.  I started out with my normal 4 runs a week routine, and then instead of taking days off I just substituted an easy mile.  now almost a year and a half later (a year and a half is on 6/30/09) I am running 8-10 miles a day with only one day a week where I tone it down and do 2-4 miles.  I have dropped over a minute off my 5K PR and over 45 minutes off my marathon PR in the past year so I think streaking works.

      I found out about in in our Ladies Locker Room group. After everyone ugred me to log my treadmill warmup runs before strength training, "because every run counts". I have made a consistent effort to run at least a mile daily, and enjoy an occassional longer run on the weekends. Most everyone knows that I had a nasty calf tear last summer leading up to my first Half Marathon, and This is the most running I have done since that time. It feels great, I love that I am NOT training for anything, and purely enjoying running again. It does not hurt that my paces have dropped significantly since losing about 20lbs of fat off of my body, and getting stronger with weight training.


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        I don't remember, but at some point I lost my mind and ended up here!  And I couldn't be happier about it!

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          I had read a couple of posts about streaking last summer and decided to give it a try but not join the group yet.  I streaked for over 40 days before I learned that I was going to be running the NYC Marathon (I got in late) so I decided to stop the streak and take one day off/week.  I started streaking again 2 weeks after the marathon and then joined the group several weeks later.  I think it might have been Jill who was discussing the group.  At any rate, really glad to be here.


          Oh and I had an awesome run today!  Cloud nine! 


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            I had considered it off and on and was strongly considering it at the time of my injury in January.  I had moved up to 6 days a week last fall and 6 felt better than 5, 5 had felt better than 4...  And I got tired of the fact that on my rest day I felt like hell, couldnt wake up, had no energy to get anything done.    I was just about to start looking for this group when Ojo started talking about it in the LLR and here we all are.

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              I followed a link from the general forums. I gradually built up to running every day - over a few years.
                I started streaking (although I had no idea it was called that) just on my own.  I thought it would help my consistency (duh!) and my motivation.  It has done both!  Smile


                Then I posted about it on the general board and several of you told me to come here!  Yeah.


                Somehow I missed it in the LLR, probably because I have been an infrequent poster/reader.


                Loving it!!!


                  I needed some extra motivation.  Ladies Locker Room gave me a gentle nudge (read: kick in the ass) & here I am, 33 days strong.  I'm motivated enough by not wanting white spots on my graph that I ran at 11:30 last night to keep up the streak...and I'm terrified of the dark!
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                    I read about it in LLR.  They were all so excited about it I had to give it a try.  Darn it, if I hadn't missed those days I was sick my graph would be almost full.


                    I ran this afternoon 95f to make sure I got my run in.  I certainly would not have done that if not for this.

                      I was also a recruit from the Ladies Locker Room.  I feel the same way as Anne; when I took what I thought was the obligatory day off, I felt lousy.  I love a challenge.  I tried the marathon challenge and discovered that I don't like the training involved and the time it takes to run that distance.  So this is my new challenge which I am really loving.  It's an attainable goal for me and I feel wonderful!

                        I also heard about it from the Ladies Locker Room...


                        OK, just kidding...Smile  I saw the ESPN special on The Raven a couple of years ago and decided to give it a try.  I found this group shortly after I signed up on Running Ahead and it has been an excellent find...very motivating.

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                          I also heard about it from the Ladies Locker Room...


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                          "When I got too tired to run anymore I just pretended I wasnt tired and kept running anyway" - dd, age 7

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                              No, we aren't that gentle.


                                I started running to get in shape so as not to make a fool of myself while playing soccer.  Found out I didn't really like plyaing soccer, but I loved running. I started streaking after not liking any other cross-training activity and just wanted to run.  I found runningAhead when I was looking for things I could do with one of my favorite toys, my Garmin Forerunner.  Then I found this group through the main forum.