A Mile A Day


I think I need a pool (Read 69 times)

    So we went away for Thanksgiving up to Vermont.  Did  alittle skiing (which hurt quite a bit when one leg would slip out from underneath me).


    But... we also hit the outside heated pool.


    And for some reason my stomach feels quite a bit better (knock on wood) after this weekend - maybe it was the pool, maybe it was the really hard mattress we had that I had to sleep on, maybe it was the fact htat for some reason DW and i were sleeping on the opposite side of the bed that we usually do. 


    But my run yesterday when we got home (and after a 4 hour drive, I really expected it to hurt) felt pretty good.   There was NO pain in the first few steps, which are usually what hurts the most, and minimal discomfort for the rest of the mile.


    I personally think it was the swimming - I think the no impact exercise, even though it was just playing with the kids and not swimming laps, may have helped it.


    But alas, I have no access to a pool here at home.  Hopefully it will still continue to feel better - hoping to do longer mileage in December.

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      So if it is correlated to the exercise, maybe look for some sort of core exercises that give the same effect?


      Or, I guess maybe you've just healed up over that time, and the new lack-of-pain will remain with you -- which is even better Smile

      It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.