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Back Again (Read 9 times)

    So it has been nearly five years since I ended my first significant running streak.  Now 26 days into a second daily running stretch, I am seeing the possibilities of aiming for a longer one this time.  In the time between streaks I have battled back from a major torn hamstring and terrible inconsistency in my running to at the very least a solid base from which to work toward my goals for the year.  Added to completing my first marathon in ten years is now booking a streak that exceeds my personal best of 400 days.  It is funny, I suffered my hamstring injury five months after I stopped streaking last time, coincidence?


    It is good to see Jeff is still maintaining his streak.  Great job and happy streaking everyone!



    In it for the long run..

      Welcome back, David!  Good luck this time around.   I ended my big streak with an injury last May at 960 days and I just hit 100 into this next streak.  I haven't really decided how far I want to take this, but so far it's going.....

      "It's not who wins the workout..."


        Thanks HStreet and great work your streak of 960.  Glad to see you didn't let an injury keep you down!