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Weekly Check-in 07/27/09 (Read 245 times)


    Hello all,


    Sorry about no update last week (and it looks like we missed at least one good milestone last week - congrats on one year!!)  but the last two weeks were my vacation weeks.  Technically half of each week, but oh well.  Anyway, I just got back from Hershey Park last night around 9:00. 


    I had a few good runs while I was there, running from my hotel to downtown Hershey and to the park itself but I am pretty much toast today - need a vacation from my vacation.  Running 7 miles in the morning and then spending 13 hours walking around the park can wear you out.  Never mind the almost 11 hour travel time to get home (which included a 3 hour stop at the Crayola factory).


    So, running feels like crap right now - my ankles are killing me, with a pain that runs down through my arches when I wake up in the morning.  But I am starting a running program at a local exercise class and will be training people for a half marathon in the Fall, so that should be interesting.  I think we are starting up this week or next.


    I am hoping to get my mileage back up again soon, but the way I feel today I am not sure if it will be this week or next.  Only did a mile this morning.  I may try for more at lunch but I may just take this as a rest day.


    Hope all is well with everyone else.




    MIlestones this week:


    jeffdonahue - 1 year 7 months

    makers - 8 months

    lorrieg - 7 months

    favre3xmvp - 6 months

    Father Russia - 6 months

    jsobo119 - 4 months

    Captain Atom - 4 months

    Strings - 4 months

    Pammie - 3 months

    Ennay - 100 days

    Kathyrunning - 1 month





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      I work nights.  Last week I started flip-flopping days & nights rather than staying on a strictly nocturnal schedule.  I've found that I have to plan when I'm going to run a bit more than I had to before, but so far it's not been too bad.  I moved back to counting a midnight deadline for my "daily" run rather than the noon deadline I'd been using, losing myself 12 hours this time since I gained 12 hours last time. So far so good.


      Running in Newtons now about 1/2 the time and barefoot half the time.  Still having to manage foot and ankle aches and pains, but at least having the option to do either allows me to choose which pains I'll be babying on a particular day.  Wink

      Hit 160 days yesterday!  Heading towards that half-year mark.  Big grin

      Roads were made for journeys...

        Still going. Ran a 5 mile race Saturday night and then a ~16 mile run Sunday and I am TIRED. I am going on a 4 day camping trip this weekend so running might be lighter than I'd like. We will have no shower facilities so it might be a stinky weekend.

        It's supposed to be hard. If it wasn't hard, everyone would do it. The hard is what makes it great. ~ Jimmy Dugan


          Still going strong.  370 days!  Will talk more when I get back to the states.

          In it for the long run..

            Still going.  Was dragging this morning and maybe should have cut it to a mile, but slogged through the planned 4.

            "It's not who wins the workout..."



              Everything's okay here too!  The heat has been killing me and I feel like I am getting slower. 


              We are leaving Saturday at 4 a.m. for vacation -- driving 16 hours from CT to WI.  Should be interesting getting a 1 mile run in at 3 a.m.!  Anyone else have to do this to keep the streak?


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                Sara - I have had to run a mile pretty early, but not with a 16 hour drive, only a 10-12.  The other option is when the family stops for lunch go for a jog, but in this heat that could make a sweaty rest of the ride.

                I have become Death, the destroyer of electronic gadgets


                "When I got too tired to run anymore I just pretended I wasnt tired and kept running anyway" - dd, age 7


                  Not 3:00 but I have gone early around 4:00.  I have also done the 11:45 "Oh crap I didnt run yet" mile in jeans, and on one or two occasions I have done my run just after midnight because I was up and the next day was a one-miler anyway.


                  Good luck with that drive.



                    It was a good week of running for me.  We depart for vacation Friday night so I probably won't be checking in next week - unless I go to a local establishment that has Internet.  I am looking forward to unplugging from work and spending a lot of quality family time.

                    I fly.

                      It's hot, but I'm still going.  My 19 miler didn't happen this past weekend (too busy/too hot) or today (garmin issues today).  Hopefully my mileage will get where I need it soon for my marathon training!

                      Bring it on.

                      Roses Revenge

                        I'm still plugging along.  Day one was a marathon.  Day 50 (yesterday) was a half marathon.  I should probably go back and see what I did on the other zero  days.  Since its been hot, I've been out at about 5:45 AM and I think I like that.  I'm not sure how I'll feel about that once it gets dark.

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                          I'm still going along and will hit one month this week.  I did a little over 20 miles last week and my first half marathon is next Sunday.  Goal is to just finish it without hurting myself.
                            Uploaded my Garmin for the first time since Jun 28 - that was 24 workouts.  Mileage was way down this month due to being out of town and having lots of events at church.  Out of town at junior camp next week (oh boy...) and then a missions trip at the end of August.  Just here to maintain the streak and try to hash out as much as time permits, or my body allows, as I know I'm not in the best shape, but the maintenance factor is still there.
                              Congrats to everyone on their milestones.  One small correction, I'm going to hit TWO months, not one. 



                                Congrats to everyone on their milestones.  One small correction, I'm going to hit TWO months, not one. 


                                Sorry, being an accountant my math sucks.