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Country Fried

    My minimum is 3 miles.


    Yesterday was day 190.  I started a streak to ensure that I would keep training towards my goal marathon.  That marathon, Grandma's, went down poorly the other day.  The heat blew me (and loads of others) away.  I am tired, my body is tired and I need a break.  Add to that the fact that I have a bad shin splint that may be a stress reaction or fracture, and that I need to be recovered for my next round of marathoning this Fall...


    I am considering strongly taking some time off.


    I fly.

      I'll say it again. 


      I support that - you can always restart when you feel up to it!


      (Plus then I move up on the list.)

      Bring it on.


        I am really sorry that the race didn't go as planned.  Given the shin splint or possible fracture it does sound like a break might be a smart decision.  Maybe make your minimum 1 mile for a few days or a week and see how that goes?


        MM #2929


          I'm with Ojo on this one.  Cut it back to a mile a day for 4-5 days.  If it doesnt seem to get better, then you may want to see the doctor and actually rest it.


          (And unlike Jill I have no alterior (sp?) motive to get you off your streak cause I'm already ahead of you).


          Country Fried

            My minimum is 3 miles.



              That is a tough call. Here's the progression I go though:


              - are sneakers ok? A couple times I needed new sneakers.

              - run barefoot on treadmill a couple days. This works for me, don't know why.

              - run one mile a day for a couple of days. I have had to do this twice since I started my streak. First time I was delaying buying new sneakers, and the other time I slipped and fallen hard on icy roads.

              - take a day off


              good luck!

              Country Fried

                Shoes are great.  This has been going on for 6 weeks and nothing has helped.  And my minimum is 3 miles Smile

                  My guess is Trent's minimum is 3 miles...Smile


                  I have been trying to raise my minimum to 2 miles lately.  I'll go two weeks or so just fine and have a day where I run a mile.  I'm giving it another (third) go...I figure eventually it will stick.


                    I tried to increase my minimum, but some days I just find that I need rest and the easiest way to do taht and still "streak" is to just do a mile.  Other days, time constraints have had me do just a mile.  I usually do more, but have no issues with putting in the token mile on a rest day.

                      Trent-1st of all congratulations on your 190 days.  That's amazing!


                      As all of you experienced runners say, listen to your body! You can start a streak again when your body is ready.

                        I tried to increase my minimum, but some days I just find that I need rest and the easiest way to do taht and still "streak" is to just do a mile.  Other days, time constraints have had me do just a mile.  I usually do more, but have no issues with putting in the token mile on a rest day.

                         Shoot...with the miles you put in a mile every now and then is a good thing.  I am trying to up my daily minimum to two miles to increase my weekly miles some.  I found I was doing the one mile run more often than I thought I should.  I tend to run a little more after running the two mile minimum most days.

                        Professional Noob

                          Trent, for all my razzing you trying to get you to take a day off, I didn't mean for you to get hurt in order to accomplish this!  You've been an inspiration to me.  Go figure out what's wrong, heal up, and come back 200% as strong!

                          Roads were made for journeys...

                            First, congrats on the marathon finish, they can't all be PRs.  Second, congrats on 190.


                            Before I go on, I heard somewhere that your daily minimum is three miles


                            So, three weeks ago my body told me I had increased my mileage too much too fast and was on the verge of injury.  My shins were screaming at me so I backed off significantly.  Here I am feeling a lot better but have been very slow to add mileage.  Moral #1, listen to your body, just like most everyone has said.


                            Moral #2, remember why you are streaking in the first place.  Unless you have a specific goal you are trying to achieve with your current streak, stop now, heal up and come back stronger.  For me I had to back off so as to not endanger my goal for this year, namely to run everyday at least a mile.  If nothing else, you have built an impressive streak you can comeback and beat in the future.


                            Hang in there, we are all here for ya!

                              I am nowhere close to 190, but my ulterior motive & competitive side likes the fact that I'll be one rung higher on the ladder!

                              3 miles was always my minimum until I started streaking.  Now when I can't make time for 3 miles, one will do.  But having had multiple stress fractures, I'm saying take a day off...or a few!!  That was my non-competitive, been there side speaking!  

                              So do not get tired and stop trying. - Hebrews 12:3

                              Country Fried

                                Thanks all.

                                Again, to be clear, the goal of this streak was to ensure consistency so that I could have an excellent training cycle for this marathon.  No, marathons cannot all be PRs, but I am 1000% stronger than I was when I last set a PR.  It is a major major downer to have 6 months of training blown away by a warm morning, something totally out of my control.  But such is the fickle bitch that is the marathon, and the 27 marathons I have run over the past 4 years have made this amply clear.  My next attempt will not be until October at the soonest and possibly not until December. 


                                If I were streaking for the sake of streaking alone, I might go out and run a mile per day for the next few days.  But my shin worries me a bit and I want to be sure to be ready and healthy enough to enter the next training cycle, due to start in just a few weeks...