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    Just finished the first 30 days of my running streak. All in all, running every day has been a real plus. I'm also slightly amazed that my body didn't fall apart. Big grin I'm running farther, faster and easier than before I began the streak. My sleep, digestion, endurance, muscular strength and general level of energy all have markedly improved. My feet and calves were sore up until day 21, then all soreness disappeared. Even my morning backache is gone. In short, I feel great and am sold on running every day. Hard to believe I was skiddish at the start. But the biggest surprise is how easy running is physically. Seems the more I run, the better it gets. Since I'm a novice runner, I do all my runs at an easy pace. But I try to vary the length a couple times a week in addition to doing a "long" run on the weekends. I'm very satisfied on how well this first month has gone. The only thing I regret is not starting 20 years ago.

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      "Seems the more I run, the better it gets!"-Captain Atom Congratulations on your 30th day. I laughed out loud at your above quote. I don't think anyone can sum it up better than that. Forget those regrets! Better now than never, and let me assure you that the benefits just keep coming! Streak on, Captain! D

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        Congratulations! That is awesome. I am still fighting a few tweaks and twinges of pain that keep coming back sporadically but overall I am liking how I feel running every day as well.
          Thanks, guys. I have you to thank for getting into streaking and staying with it. And my wife is now running! I never tried to convince her, just went about my daily run. Then about 2 weeks ago she suited up and said, "Can I play, too?" So I run with her twice a week and she goes on a long walk on Wednesdays with her girlfriends. Awesome! Paul

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            Great job on 50!!! Keep up the interesting log of your journey...it helps us all! Mike
              Thanks, Mike! Your training is looking great, too. Congratulations on getting up to 2 miles! Paul

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                Paul, I'm amazed...19 or so day streak...HUH!?! I thought after a month of walking I might TRY to jog a 1/2 mile or so...LOL! As I've told Young1 many times, I still don't love it...but I am enjoying it more (than diggin a hole i the back yard). I am pretty hard headed though and hope this flame stays with me a long time! My next challenge (sans running a mile a day!) is a 5K...I think amongst a crowd I could knock out three miles...we'll see! Mike