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How is your streak going? (Read 210 times)


    I ask because I find myself once agani at an impass.  My toe is not healing as quickly as it should (sprained it about a month ago), and I have been on the fence debating whether to just take some real time off with no running at all.


    My April sucked - I did at least two stints of 5-7 days with just one milers in hopes of letting the toe heal.  At times it seems better, but then a few days later (like this morning) it hurt again, so I cut the run short and only did a mile again.


    Everything else feels pretty good - PF is gone now, just need this toe to heal so I can actually run.  Funny thing is that after a run it doesnt hurt any more - might be stiff but pain is gone.  I hurts in the morning when I get out of bed, which is making morning runs nearly impossible.  So I run at lunch when it feels a bit better.


    Just griping.  I'll probably keep running and streaking, but it's been a crappy day/week so far so I needed to vent.




      Sorry you are struggling Jeff!  I wish I had some advice to offer.


      I am still going strong at 530 days.  I will be running my 6th marathon this weekend (3rd during the streak) so hopefully I will have a good day.  I am still happy with my decision to cut back 1 day a week -- the mile runs don't feel like much but I know they are helping my legs gets some rest.


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        Sorry about that Jeff. I guess at some point you need to realize what is the best thing for your body and health in general so that you can continue running far into life. Seems like you need to ask yourself why am I continuing this streak? Sooner or later all things must end, it doesn't mean it has to be a 'bad' thing. All ends are just a new beginning really. I know this probably isn't helping, but not sure how much anyone can say here. Whatever you decide you can be sure everybody here knows you have had a GREAT streak, and we know you did what is best for YOU.

          Jeff, Sorry to hear you're having such struggles with your toe. Obviously, ending it is something you need to decide for yourself. As for me, mine is going pretty well. I hit seventy days yesterday and feel great. This streak has been really instrumental in taking my running to the next level, and I appreciate all the support that this group has offered.

          Have you qualified for Boston? I want to interview you!

          Message me!





            Sorry to hear about your troubles Jeff.


            My streak is still going strong.  No physical or mental complaints.  Nice and steady 7 miles a day.  Today was day 646.



              Toe is feeling better now.  Of course, now for some reason my feet/ankles ache when I step out of bed in teh morning.  It doesnt feel like PF, it's more on the top of my foot.  But it goes away after a bit of walkign around and a shower.  Hopefully it will go away for good soon because it really isnt possible to wake up and step out the door for a run right now - have to walk off the pain adn loosen up the ankles before I go, so I have been running at lunch.