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Fast days (Read 92 times)

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    Perhaps a question primarily for Jill, but others feel free to chime in. In my religion, we have once- or twice-yearly (depending on how you practice) fast days that last from sunset on day one to sunset on day two, for a total of about 25 hours. No food. No water. None. How do you run on these days?

    I fly.

      Two choices: 1. In the past, the morning of the day before the fast I cut back to a very easy run (both pace and distance). Then the evening after breaking the fast I do the same (the day after the fast is also an easier run); or 2. Don't fast, which is the option that I've taken the past few years (honestly since I had children I cannot fast anymore, it's so much more difficult when I'm giving them breakfast and making them snacks and lunch).

      Bring it on.