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    Do you ladies and gents have multiple pairs of shoes?  I'm thinking I *should*.  All this rain around here and I am BOUND to step in a puddle and need dry shoes the next day.  Just wonderin' what you all do...



      Nope, I just have the one pair at a time (cant afford to dole out that much more at one time). 


      I definitely have days that my shoes get soaked when I am running, but I do find that if I take them out of my gym bag and leave them over night they are usually pretty dry by the morning.  (in the winter I put them in fron tof the fireplace).


      But there are definitely days as well where I put them on the next day and they are a bit wet inside, so I suck it up and run in them anyway.


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        I have multiple pairs.


        I wear my newest pair outside until I hit 150 miles.  Then that pair goes to my treadmill until around 300 miles (I try to get to at least 325).  Then they get saved in my closet until we go on a trip where I take them for my runs and then toss them.


        Sometimes if it rains, I'll use my treadmill shoes while my new shoes dry out.  But usually I end up on the treadmill when it rains.


        Right now I have 2 unused pairs on deck.


        Yep, I'm a shoe person!


        Bring it on.

          I'm the same as Jeff.  I only have one pair.  Don't want to spend THAT much money at one time and I really hadn't found a shoe that I loved before now.  Mine are dry by my next run if I get them wet.
            I only have one pair of shoes, due to the expense. I have run barefoot on my treadmill due to wet shoes in the past. 

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              When I was running with shoes, I usually had one main pair that I ran in all the time.  I had a closet full of older shoes that I could wear in case of "emergency" because I have a hard time throwing shoes out even if I knew they were hurting my feet/knees/hips. 



              Running barefoot through puddles is lots of fun.  Big grin

              Roads were made for journeys...

                Thanks everybody!  Guess I'll stick with my one pair.  I do have an older "retired" pair I could always use if my shoes are SOAKED.  So far it hasn't happened.  Just cursed myself probably and will land in a huge puddle tomorrow. 


                Country Fried

                  I have 3-4 pair.


                  I can either buy one pair at a time or I can buy multiple pairs but have each individual pair last longer, so I spend the same amount of money over time.  I like mixing up my shoes.


                  And running barefoot through puddles is lots of fun.  Big grin


                  One day at a time

                    I have 4 pairs.  Mainly because I'm sick of finding a style I like and having it discontinued or changed for the worse!  I LOVE my Pearl Izumis (I got the first pair free online), so I just keep buying them.  I'm glad I did, because now DH and I don't have much work and I can't afford to get any more for awhile.

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                      I have 3 prs of road shoes in rotation, 1 pr in a box, 1 pr trail (Salomon XA Pro-3D Ultra) & one pr of "snow sneakers" (Salomon Elios) which are on the shelf just now....
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                        The number I have in rotation right now is sad and sick, I just got too many pairs in that "too old to run a marathon but not dead yet" zone.  Plus mine seem to be lasting longer now.

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                          I'm rotating three pairs now, plus one more that is too old I think (750mi?) but which sneaks in sometime. I intend to buy another pair soon.

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                            I've got four pairs right now, but it's a bit of a fluke.  The last two pair I got at an incredible sale at the running store.  The oldest pair is about to be delegated to casual wear only.  The ones I've been wearing mostly for the last month are a test pair of New Balance that will have to go back on Monday.  I'm doing a half marathon in them on Sunday so it will be a good test.

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