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In it for the long run..

    300 days today.  When I started this I had no expectations-  100 days would have been a real accomplishment.  I can't believe I'm still going!   The main thing is that it helps me keep my weekly/monthly mileage up.  Also, even the one mile days (not too many of them) give me a mental boost.  So- running on!

    "It's not who wins the workout..."


    Unfortunate Miles

      Excellent job and keep it up!

        Congratulations Karen!  You are truly an inspiration for me -- your accomplishments this past year have been amazing.  I only hope that I can keep up with you one day! 


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          Very nice!!!


          I find that even if I have a crappy day, at the end I can say "Well, at least I ran."

          Chicago RnR 1/2 Marathon

            Congratulations, Karen!