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    Hey everybody!


    I started my streaking with a Timex then graduated to a Garmin 305 to track my occasional >1 mile runs. I have since graduated to using my Samsung Android phone coupled with Handy Runner and I love it! The GPS seems to be just as accurate and reliable as the Garmin and it doubles as my music player along with emergency communication if ever needed.


    You can load all of your music on it like any other MP3 player but I typically just use Pandora with my favorite station loaded up. If you don't know Pandora radio, look it up...you will be amazed!


    I didn't mean for this to turn into a smart phone/Handy Runner/Pandora commercial but I figure this is a place to share experience. Does anyone else utilize their smart phone for their GPS, music, etc?


    Oh yeah, Handy Runer syncs directly with Running ahead. The way my log is set up I do have to manipulate the entry slightly, but that's probably just with my set up.



    I fly.

      I use my android for Pandora.  I don't use Handy Runner, although when I've forgotten my garmin, I've tried it.  I like Pandora, but sometimes the choices it makes are a bit weird... (like the day that all of my music was in Spanish... that made for an interesting run).

      Bring it on.