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    Nice to see some posting . . . this forum has gotten quiet.


    I thought I would check in.  I am on day 1277 and still going strong.  I am participating in a Winter Warrior Challenge for the month of January, so it looks like I might be logging one of my highest monthly mileages without a race.  I guess I did not realize how competitive I can be because I am determined to finish #1 (so far I am with combined running and walking miles at 293).  I am also starting to train for my 3rd 100 mile race in New York City on June 20.


    How's everyone else surviving? 


    MM #2929

    In it for the long run..

      Way to go!  Your streak is incredible and I can't imagine doing all those miles outside in your weather.


      After almost 40 years of running (30 of which were in Dallas, so there's that), I got a treadmill at the house last February.  Living in middle Tennessee, there are days when I will not run outside due to ice or cold rain.  I belong to a gym, but the treadmill situation isn't ideal.  I am not supposed to risk falling due to some bone density issues, so I have gotten more cautious about running in the dark and on any slippery surfaces.  My treadmill has been wonderful.  I still hate treadmill running, but I have made peace with it and for shorter runs (which many of mine are these days) it is SO convenient to just head down to the basement instead of putting on all my layers, headlamp etc.  I got a really good treadmill so I would be able to stand it, and I have a nice TV in front of it.  I think running on a treadmill is hard and the most I have done is 6 miles- and it usually 3-4 miles.


      Streak is now at day 102 I think.  Longest streak is 960 days ending in a sacral stress fracture.

      "It's not who wins the workout..."


        I just hit day 2,592 so will be hitting 2600 soon which I guess is exciting.  I am just over 7 years so I have actually gotten to the point where I don't really look at the days but am just going by years and months now.


        My running is much better than it was 6 months ago after I was injured playing soccer.  I almost quit a few times due to some severe sciatic pain, but muddled through and am fine now (and soccer starts up again in April =)  I have told them I am coming back but will see how it works out for me because I really don't want to get injured again and I was injured in two of the last 4 soccer seasons - maybe I'm just not designed to play soccer any more.


        Last week I was in Las Vegas so was hoping to get some good runs in but the lost my luggage so all but one day I muddled through a mile on the treadmill in my brother's borrowed shorts.


        We have gotten about 46 inches of snow in the last 7 days so running is tough, which really sucks because I have a 10 mile race coming up in a month that I had hoped to do well in.  But I pretty much crapped out last week in Vegas, and now will be stuck on the treadmill for a while because the roads just aren't wide enough to be safe to run on.


        Also, due to the injury I really kind of had low mileage last year so I am hoping to get it up this year - shooting for 150 miles a month (already made that in January, even with the low week last week).  But the key to those high mileage weeks is long runs and those are going to be touch with all this snow, and we are supposed to get another 3-6 inches on Thursday.


        But all is good, I run pain free and that is all that really matters right now.


        Best of luck to everyone out there


        Streak on!



          When I feel down, I go to this group for motivation. It works all the time.
          I keep it interesting with mapmyruns route art etc. Recently I read somewhere a runner applying for a job. He tweeted his mapmyrun route that read HIRE me! 
          However I hit a plateau this morning. I reminded my mind the longer streaks in here by others.

          While I don't brag at all even to close family members barring milestones for eg reaching the 500 day mark etc, sometimes I wonder whether there is any point to this. But trust me I just can't break the streak.

          Thanks for the indirect motivation. Can you believe I had to run in an international airport for a mile to keep my streak alive?

          The only way out is through- R. Frost I have miles to go before I sleep - R. Frost