A Mile A Day


190 days (Read 244 times)

    how's the shin?


    does pool running count towards the streak?


    congrats on the 190.

    Get off my porch

    Country Fried

      Shin is improving.  I saw an ortho yesterday and he thinks that the shin is a slowly healing bone bruise (fibrotic hematoma) from my kiddo's dropping the granite statue on it.  I still have some muscular spasm around it and some tendonitis too, but those are more benign.  I will likely jump back on the wagon in a week or two.  I needed the mental break from my big training cycle.  My 5k PR on Saturday also helped wash away the pain from the goal marathon lost to the heat.

      In it for the long run..

        Glad it is not a stress fracture.  It sounds like it will hurt for awhile, but won't be damaging.

        "It's not who wins the workout..."


        Country Fried

          Thanks.  Yeah, still hurts.  I ran the past couple days and felt it through the night.  I may start streaking again if all goes well pretty soon.

            I'm glad you're feeling better and taking care of yourself.


            Take care