A Mile A Day


Let the streaking resume (Read 119 times)

    I am back in action..... or at the very least, making progress.


    My streak ended in early June with what I thought was PF, but which a podriatist later diagnosed as a small tear in the arch.  It was slow healing, I think due to the fact that it was hard to stay off my foot entirely.  After 2 weeks reduced mileage and 6 weeks completely off it, I am starting to slow build my mileage again.  And thank god because I didn't know what to do with myself.  I also have been avoiding RA at all costs, since I didn't need anything to remind of running.


    I don't know if I am ready to start streaking yet.  I am playing it day by day at this point. 


    It looks like alot of new folks have joined since my streak ended.  To the new streakers, welcome to the group!  I hope the streaks are going well.




    I updated myself in the graph show my longest streak since my current streak is very disappointing.  I copied from a few others who had hardcoded today's date to the end of the previous streak.  Hopefully, I didn't screw it up. 



      Hi Ryan,


      Welcome back.  I hope the foot is feeling better.  I'm dealing with a bit of arch pain myself righ tnow, but hopefully it wont take me out completely.


      I fixed the graph - no problem.  It just had you at a 185 day streak, where that should be your longest and your current is at 2 days.


      Best of luck



        Will the graph only show the current streak now? 


        Also, I can't seem to get the graph to update on the homepage.. I don't know if the browser is tweaking or what.  It shows me right above smalcom.