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Young1 - Good luck on Monday!! (Read 79 times)

    I just checked the weather forecast and as of right now it has the Boston area at cloudy and mid-50s which is not too bad weather for running a marathon. But just wanted to wish you good luck in case I forget this weekend (we have a lot of stuff going on with the kids this weekend) - you are going to rock that course. I can feel it.

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      Good luck, D!! I'll be keeping an eye on your record setting run! Mike

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        Thank you guys! I am in Boston now and the excitement level is high. I've never been to Boston and our hotel is right next to Harvard, Boston College and MIT. The airport had 112th Boston Marathon posters everywhere, and I can pick out the runners coming in. Tomorrow is day 666 for me, so I'll be careful! The weather is good temp wise, but there is a forcast for a strong wind out of the east. No PR possible if wind is hammering me for 26.2. No matter what, I will have a great time, and soak up all there is to offer! Streaking in Boston, out! D

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