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    So I see we have a new member today - RunningThoughts - welcome to the group.
      Thanks. I don't think the chart is working correctly, it has me listed as running 6 days in a row now, but I haven't. I wish I could have, but I got sick this week and didn't feel up to it. Dead

        Hi Dustin, Yeah, the chart is not automatic. I'm not that computer savvy. Basically what I did was set up a formula so that it uses the date I enter to calculate the number of days. so if you miss a day (aside from me manually checking everyone's workout chart - which I do occasionally and had actually planned to today) it doesnt automatically change it. I have put in a request to the RA admins and they think they might be able to come up with some programming to get us an automatic chart but it might take some time. In the meantime, for anyone that misses a day and has to start over, just post your new start date (in fact I will go set up a thread for just that so I know just where to go to find changes) and I will change teh chart. Thanks Jeff
          Welcome Dustin ! Cheers, Paul