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    I am hurting right now.  My PF still hurts occasionally, though nothing worth complaining too much about.


    But the last week I have had some serious achilles issues.  When I used to have acchilles problems, they were just tightness or a dull pain, but lately the pains are shooting pains that happen almost on cue at 1.5 miles into every run.  So I decided to rest my legs till the end of the year and just do 1 milers.



    Then last night after running my mile, I was doing some work on the computer (probably checking RA threads) and when I got up I twisted something wrong and pulled my calf muscle.  Funny thing is that all these problems are in the same leg (my left one).


    But right now I can barely walk straight the pain in my calf is so bad.  I am hoping it will loosen up by this afternoon and I can get my mile in, but if these problems keep persisting, I might be in some seriouis trouble.


    Never mind the fact that all these problems make running just NOT fun anymore.


    Just griping.  Thanks for listening,



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      I was thinking of posting the same thing.  My right leg has been a mess for a while  - First hip pain, now quad pain. I'm going to take advil and try to run (yes, Trent, I know that is not the best idea in the world).


      I hope that you feel better later.  Good luck!

      Bring it on.


        Sorry for all your aches and pains Jeff but it is more important to give it a rest if the problems persist.  It sucks but we do have to listen to our bodies occasionally!    Good luck!


        Interesting that you say it is all on the same side -- for me it is my right side.  Hip, lower back, and heal pains for me.


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          I hope you feel well enough by this afternoon!  And if your body needs a rest, heal up and restart that streak! 

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            Thanks everyone.  I will run till at least the 30th (that will be 2 years for me) but just a mile a day till then.  At that point I will re-assess how everything is doing, and maybe cut back my mileage for next year.  I have been running in the 50-60 mpw range right now, and maybe that was just too much stress on it right now.


            Also, it really didnt help doing that off-road 4 miler last weekend.  I think the really steep uphills just over-strained the achilles/calf area to the point that my legs rebelled.


              I hope you get better soon Jeff.