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    Sad Yesterday i did not run my streak alas came to an end. Been getting excessive tightness in right calf since wednesday would not go away so went to a physio adviced not to run today i was meant to be doing a 10 mile race. So took 2 days off (yesterday and today) + stretching hopefully can start up again tomorrow just pick myself up and start all over again as the song goes

      Wow! So sorry. I hope you leg feels better soon.


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        Congrats on the streak though Pammie - that was (is) a lot of running. Good luck getting healthy. I am glad you are starting another streak.

          Thanks guys I will be back I'm told i can test my leg tomorrow but will wait and see what tomorrow brings before starting again. But i will
            Wow, that stinks, but your overall health is more important. I always say that it is better to sit out one day and not risk the long term running Even if it does mean killing a mega-streak like you had - which was really impressive!!! Congrats on the length of the streak that you had and good luck with your calves - hope to see you back up and running soon. Jeff