A Mile A Day


Another near miss (Read 71 times)


    Was really worried this weekend that I might miss Saturday's run. We went camping, which wasnt really a problem because I love doing runs in new places. However, I had a 10 miler planned for Sunday but my wife did not want me to run that far during our trip so I agreed to do it on Friday. It was a progression run, so when I hit mile 9 I was probably running at a 7:10 pace or better - when I hit the pothole. I went down like a sack of bricks - hard! Twisted my ankle to the point where I couldnt put any pressure on it. I was still about 3/4 of a mile away from the gym so I started hobbling back. 20 minutes later, I was still a half mile from the gym and my ankle wasnt feeling any better at all. Luckily a guy from my gym had been passing by and recognized me and gave me a ride the rest of the way from there. I really couldnt even walk straight for all of Friday. Kept icing it up and ibuprofen for the pain and swelling. But all that kept running through my mind was how was I going to get a mile in the next day. Big grin Luckily it was feeling a little better the next morning, and by 3 in the afternoon I was able to do a slow mile and a half with a friend that we were camping with. No pain, though if I move the wrong way when I sleep it still hurts. But I got 5 in yesterday and another 7 miler in this morning so all should be good. Whew.

    Oh Mighty Wing

      wow! Glad to hear the ankle was more stunned then hurt! That's scary stuff. How was camping otherwise? we had a great time. I only did 1 milers. Stomach has been queasy the last week camping wasn't exactly helping it along so I took the runs easy. Hopefully this week will go better but given that i've only been up 2 hours and already contemplating a nap it doesn't look good...

        The camping was fine. I am not much of a camper myself but the kids have fun. We usually go to Jellystone Park where they have an itinerary of events and stuff for the kids to do (arts and crafts, games, tie dye, ceramics, etc...) which helps a lot because my 4 y.o. doesnt have much of an attention span.
          I am glad the twisted ankle was not serious. Being able to run five miles, and then seven with no pain makes me agree with your diagnosis - all is good. My wife, son, and I are heading off for vacation Friday 7/18. Our destination is Quebec City, Canada. I am excited about running every day during the trip!